New work: Jim Fiscus shoots Roger Federer for Credit Suisse’s World Tour 2012 campaign. Plus: behind-the-scenes video.

This past February, Jim Fiscus photographed Roger Federer for Credit Suisse‘s World Tour 2012 campaign, which is now on view everywhere. The concept was to show the tennis star “like no other campaign before: as an entertainer ‘on the road,'” according to Credit Suisse. “The campaign takes a lighthearted look at the fact that Roger Federer’s life has many parallels with the life of a rock star, not least because he spends a large part of each year on tour and delights millions of people all over the world with his skill.” (Read more about the concept here.)

Jim shot Roger both in a studio (Studio Gutenswil in Zurich) and on location in Palm Springs, California. In the expertly produced making-of video, Jim provides lots of insights about the location, the lighting, and the photographic puzzles he had to solve. After photographing the car outside the Royal Sun hotel in Palm Springs, for example, he explains that because they had lit Roger right to left in the studio and the light at the actual location was left to right, he had to shoot the hotel exterior and car in reverse, and shoot the hotel’s sign in reverse, “and then take the vehicle out and rotate it 180 degrees.”

Here’s a look at the ads and the making-of video…


Euro RSCG London, agency
Gerry Moira
, creative director
Phil Beamont, art director
Kate Blumer, art buyer
Jim Fiscus, photographer


Roger Federer in the new World Tour 2012 campaign for Credit Suisse. Photo by Jim Fiscus.

Photo by Jim Fiscus for Credit Suisse. Click to view larger.

Photo by Jim Fiscus for Credit Suisse. Click to view larger.




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