Barcelona embraces Doug Menuez’s “Fearless Genius” and “Los Nerds de Palo Alto”

Spain is the latest country to host Doug Menuez‘s “Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley, 1985–2000,” which opened last night at Barcelona’s La Virreina Centre de la Imatge. The exhibition—on view through September 24—made its debut last year in Russia at the Moscow Photobienniale and then traveled to Wudang Mountain for the 9th China Photographic Art Festival.

“My project was featured among 35 other exhibits as part of Circuit 2013, organized by Photographic Social Vision, an amazing NGO dedicated to social documentary,” explains Doug, who flew to Barcelona for the opening.

Though it’s been up just a day, “Fearless Genius” has already gotten lots of press in Spain. Here’s a small selection. Our personal favorite headline: “Los Nerds de Palo Alto.”


17.07.13_CIRCUIT_La Opinión de Murcia

17.07.13_CIRCUIT_El Mundo

17.07.13_CIRCUIT_La Vanguardia


17.07.13_CIRCUIT_La Razón



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