Melanie Acevedo talks to Feature Shoot about the photo project she plans to pursue indefinitely

Melanie Acevedo has been casually photographing her two children, Violet and Rocky, since they were born, but her photos were far from personal snapshots. The images she captured alternately revealed the inner life of her children as well as the marvel of being a parent and watching your child grow. They were universal moments with real impact, despite having been caught on the fly.

Inspired by other people’s response to the photos, Melanie decided four years ago to formally explore the subject of her children, shooting them every week for a year. A commercial photographer for clients like Target, KitchenAid, and Electrolux, Melanie is skilled at creating stylish lifestyle images that feel like slices of real life. But in photographing her kids, she would be responding in the moment—no setups, no prelight days, no comps, no directing the talent. The result was “52 Weeks,” which she has since renamed “Another 52 Weeks” because she is now dedicated to continuing the project indefinitely.

“For me, being so busy producing commercial work for a living, the project was a way to try and start focusing my eye in a different way, and giving myself the structure to work on it on a regular basis, which enabled me to look at the progress that may or may not happen photographically over a period of time,” Melanie tells Feature Shoot in a profile on “Another 52 Weeks” published today. “I am now in my fourth year of this project. And it is my intention to do it for the rest of my life. It is my legacy to my children.”

Read more about “Another 52 Weeks” at Feature Shoot: “Tender Photos Convey the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood.” And view the entire project online at



Rocky and Squirrel. Photo by Melanie Acevedo from “Another 52 Weeks.”


Violet and Squirrel. Photo by Melanie Acevedo from “Another 52 Weeks.”






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