Jim Fiscus creates portrait series in his hometown of Athens, Georgia

Jim Fiscus is a pro at photographing characters who have sprung from other people’s imagination. He’s shot key art for series like Downton Abbey, Dexter, The Borgias, Shameless, Episodes, and Penny Dreadful, masterfully photographing the actors in costume and often on set to capture the story, emotion, and tone of each show.

But for his latest personal project, shot on location in his hometown of Athens, Georgia, Jim supplied the characters himself. For “Athens,” Jim first searched for evocative locations, studied the quality of light and the stories he could tell there, and then did a mix of street casting and enlisting friends to find people who he thought would suit the locations.

Some of the portraits, like “Kimberly” and “Gwinny,” are classic black & white character studies, but others have Southern Gothic streaks—something of an outsider quality, or maybe it’s that it feels like the rest of us are not part of this club.

Below, eight portraits from Jim’s “Athens.”


Jim Fiscus_Athens_Eddie

Eddie. Photo by Jim Fiscus.

Jim Fiscus_Athens_Gwinny

Gwinny. Photo by Jim Fiscus.

Jim Fiscus_Athens_Wilfong

Wilfong. Photo by Jim Fiscus.

Jim Fiscus_Athens_Kimberly

Kimberly. Photo by Jim Fiscus.

Jim Fiscus_Athens_twins

Twins. Photo by Jim Fiscus.

Jim Fiscus_Athens_2

Photo by Jim Fiscus.

Jim Fiscus_Athens_Ireland

Photo by Jim Fiscus.

Jim Fiscus_Athens

Photo by Jim Fiscus.



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