Art Streiber makes a conference room look like a movie theater for his Wired U.K. portrait of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

For the February issue of Wired U.K., Art Streiber was asked to shoot portraits of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, one of which had to look like Hastings was sitting in an empty movie theater. The challenge was that there was no theater—only a conference-room amphitheater with five measly seats. As Art explains on his Instagram page, he and his team solved the problem with “a lot of math, a tape measure, and a tripod…”


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. Photo by Art Streiber.

Photo by Art Streiber.

02-15-COnetflix [P].indd

Photo by Art Streiber.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.17.48 AM

Art (far right) on set.


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