Please join Steven Lippman in Montauk this weekend for A Walk on Water’s 1st Annual East Coast Celebration



For years, the federally recognized nonprofit organization A Walk on Water has been devoted to providing free water therapy to special-needs kids by way of guided surf instruction. And it’s an inspiring sight to behold. At regularly scheduled events held in California, skilled volunteer surfers give these children the chance to experience the thrill of riding the waves, and that experience in turn boosts the kids’ morale and self-esteem. Their siblings are also welcome to participate, making each of these events a special day for families, who enjoy them free of charge.

This year, A Walk on Water is establishing a chapter in the classic surf town of Montauk, New York, and kicking it off with an exciting event. We hope you’ll join Stockland Martel photographer Steven Lippman, who is the vice present of AWOW (and is seen in the flyer above), this weekend at Ditch Plains for AWOW’s 1st Annual East Coast Celebration. All AWOW events are funded by the kind donations of the public, and this one is being made possible in part by Long Island Communities of Practice, the Montauk Beach House, Whalebone Creative, Left Hand Artisan Coffee Brewers, Happy Bowls, and Ditch Witch.

For more information—including details on how you can volunteer or make a donation—please visit or visit the Facebook page

From 4 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, there will also be a benefit art show at the Montauk Beach House, with performances by Dan Bailey Tribe and Kevin Angulo and DJ sets by Nicky Paul from St. Lucia and Cole Ramstad. A percentage of the sale of art and drink will benefit AWOW. RSVP at, and check out the flyer at the end of the post for additional details.

Below, highlights from past AWOW events, plus a video…


AWOW collage

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