Sony Music commissions Tobias Hutzler to create conceptual portraits of Grammy-nominated electronic music producer and singer Zhu


Zhu. Photo by Tobais Hutzler for Sony Music.


Sony Music recently asked Tobias Hutzler, who’s known for his compelling photographic experiments with light, to create imagery for the immensely popular but very mysterious electronic music artist Zhu, whose released a new EP, Genesis, last month.

“They wanted me to translate his music into color and light,” explains Tobias, who photographed Zhu in an LA studio. “I worked with design director Dave Bett on finding visual solutions and designed unique light/photographic techniques. We built custom light sources to create absolutely unique visuals.”

Sony has released one photo so far (it appeared in The New York Times last month) and will be releasing more in the coming weeks.

“It was fantastic to work with his management, PR, and Sony,” says Tobias, who previously photographed album art and publicity for the Sony band Magic Man. “And it was a great collaboration with Zhu—he is an extraordinary artist.”



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