Three new interviews with Brinson+Banks explore how the wife-and-husband photo duo collaborate, their creative process, and the undeniable power of two

Brinson+Banks have been on a roll lately with celebrity shoots—in the past six months, publications ranging from Variety to The New York Times have published their portraits of Julia Roberts, Conan O’Brien, Sarah Paulson, and the cast of HBO‘s Vinyl, to name just a few—and people are taking note of their momentum.

For its March issue, Rangefinder magazine asked them to write a feature on working as a photo duo. Tech Insider interviewed the couple—Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks—for a story headlined, “This brilliant photography duo is taking over Hollywood—here’s how they’re doing it.” And this week, Heidi Volpe of A Photo Editor singled out Brinson+Banks for the Daily Edit column, highlighting their assignments for Smithsonian (a cover shoot with Bill Hader and Fred Armisen), The New York Times (Ryan Seacrest and the stars of The Big Short), and Variety (Oscar nominees), among others.


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.16.54 AM

Brinson+Banks, self-portrait, 2008.


It’s all part of the trajectory that began when Kendrick and David met in a college photojournalism class and, as they put it, fell in love with photography and storytelling at the same time in the same place. Before they became a duo, they worked separately for publications like Time, The New York Times Magazine, and Fader while based in Atlanta. They went on to co-found a successful photo cooperative, where they continued to hone their photographic vision and learned valuable lessons in marketing and client management. So it was with a hefty skill set that they moved, along with their two dogs and two cats, two years ago to Los Angeles to pursue the dream of working as a photo duo.

“It is amazing as an artist to let go of your ego enough to create something and collaborate with another artist,” they told A Photo Editor. “We get to do this all the time. And while we are both equally competent photographers in our own right, and even split up to shoot on the same job occasionally, it is incredible to have someone there who can look at your idea, your direction, your shot, and make it even better.”


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