Art Streiber is nearly as well known for how he dresses as he is for his award-winning photography. And as he explains in a new interview, that’s by design

“You’ve always been impeccably dressed,” Heidi Volpe remarks to Art Streiber in a recently published interview for APA. Art, it should be noted, is known for wearing crisp white shirts and blazers on his shoots, pretty much regardless of how hot it is. “How does that change the conversation for you on set and on meetings with clients?”

“I’ve always felt that it was important to take myself seriously as a professional, and one way to do that was to be ‘presentable’ by wearing a button-down shirt and a blazer,” Art explains. “I’m still wearing jeans and boots, but the addition of the shirt and blazer immediately changes and elevates the perception of the ‘photographer.’

“On any given shoot,” he continues, “I could be walking into someone’s home or office, or into a five-star hotel or restaurant, and looking ‘professional’ definitely helps me and my crew get taken seriously and get what we need in order to get the job done. At meetings, especially at movie studios, television networks, and advertising agencies, I am usually overdressed, just because I’m wearing a blazer. But I’d rather be overdressed, elevate the profession, and have my approach and production be taken seriously from the outset.”

Below, some of our favorite photos of Art looking sharp on set.

Read Heidi’s full interview with Art here.



Photographing Kevin Hart and Eniko Hart in the Gable & Lombard suite at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.


With Steven Spielberg at Universal Studios on assignment for Entertainment Weekly.


On set with an assistant sitting in for actor Will Forte, for a shoot for GQ.


Conferring with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown during their shoot for ESPN The Magazine’s 2016 Body Issue.


Photographing three of the stars of “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” in LA’s Hancock Park neighborhood for Vanity Fair.


Photographing Brie Larson the morning after her Oscar win for Entertainment Weekly.


Photographing Placido Domingo for Vanity Fair Spain.


One of his many portrait sessions for The New York Times Magazine’s “Women of Hollywood” cover story.


Photographing comedian and Netflix star Miranda Sings for Variety.


Photographing Kevin Hart for a recent Entertainment Weekly cover story.


At the Nike design lab during a shoot for a recent Wired feature.


Shooting the stars of “Walking Dead” for Entertainment Weekly—one of the rare times Art has been seen on set without a jacket.


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