Brinson+Banks, Tobias Hutzler, and Art Streiber photograph Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award winners for Smithsonian magazine


The band OK Go were honored for their music video for the single “Upside Down & Inside Out,” which was “shot entirely in zero gravity aboard a converted Russian transport jet flying parabolas,” notes the magazine. Photo by Art Streiber for Smithsonian.


Photo by Art Streiber for Smithsonian.


Acclaimed director David Lynch “has become the champion of Transcendental Meditation, practiced by thousands of school kids to reduce stress,” reports the magazine. Photo by Brinson+Banks for Smithsonian.


Choreographer and director Trish Sie codirected OK Go’s “Upside Down & Inside Out” video with her brother, Damian Kulash Jr., the band’s guitarist and lead singer. Photo by Brinson+Banks for Smithsonian.


Scientist Marc Edwards and Flint, Michigan, parent LeeAnne Walters as photographed by Tobias Hutzler. The two “spearheaded the investigation that exposed the dangers lurking in the water supply.”

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