The 7 Best Educational Apps for Schools in 2022

Complete Information About The 7 Best Educational Apps for Schools

During the next decade, educational apps for schools are sure to be some of the hottest technologies on the planet. 

Khan Academy

Founded in 2008 by Salman Khan, Khan Academy offers free online education to anyone, anywhere in the world. The site is designed to help people who may not have access to traditional schooling. There are over 137 million users worldwide.

While Khan Academy is a great educational resource, it is not for everyone. Those who are looking for a more hands-on learning experience should look into other educational apps.

Khan Academy offers a wide variety of courses from the basic curriculum to tertiary-level study. These courses are available in dozens of languages. They also offer a variety of test preparations and customized test preparation plans. In addition, students can also record themselves taking assessments.


Educators can use Edmodo to enhance their teaching process. It offers an effective communication platform between teachers and students. They can manage classroom activities, send assignments, and communicate with parents. In addition, if you want to monitor the learning process of your child, you can see the tools by clicking on

Teachers can also create groups. Edmodo is free, and it offers a rich set of features. Users can join groups using group codes and add other viewers.

Edmodo is great for teachers because it provides tools that are easy to use. They can plan courses, handwrite notes, and take photos. It also allows teachers to deliver lesson plans.


Using quiz-style games, Kahoot helps students and educators learn. It is one of the largest names in quiz-based learning. Its platform is used by close to 9 million educators worldwide. It can be used by teachers and students in a classroom, a distance learning setting, or at home.

Kahoot is available for free, although some features are only available in paid plans. It allows students to take quizzes for free. Users can also create quizzes on their own.


Using Quizizz, you can create quizzes that will engage your students. Whether you need to gauge their knowledge of a certain topic or you need to help them prepare for a test, Quizizz will make it easy for you. It can be used in classrooms, at home, or even in the community.

Quizizz is an online quiz tool that allows you to create quizzes that can be personalized for your classes. It also provides you with detailed reports on how your students are performing, enabling you to identify areas that need improvement.

Todo math

Designed for preschool to second grade children, Todo Math is a comprehensive, engaging math learning app that is suitable for individual or group use. It offers a full year of math practice in eight languages and features over 2,000 interactive math activities.

The app is free to try, but parents can opt to purchase a subscription for more content. It also includes a free choice mode, where kids can pick their favorite games and activities.

Todo Math is the most downloaded math app for preschoolers and elementary school children. It is also a five-star rated app on Common Sense Media.


Designed for kids, GoNoodle is an exercise app that gets students moving and has a dashboard section that keeps track of the points and medals earned. Parents and teachers can track students’ progress and help children stay on track.

GoNoodle is free to download and offers a variety of educational content. It can be used in the classroom and at home. The app is available for iOS, Android, and AppleTV. It also has a variety of games to play, including one starring your favorite characters.


Developed by Ed Cooke in 2010, Memrise is a language learning app. It uses gamification elements to make learning fun and interesting. It offers a wide range of language courses, including beginner courses and advanced courses in more than 23 languages.

The app is available for mobile devices, including Android and iOS. It uses mnemonics and spaced repetition to help learners learn a new language. It also uses videos of native speakers to help users understand words.

To get started, you need an account. The account gives you access to the Memrise mobile app and the website. You can also earn rewards for completing lessons.


These apps provide a great platform for students to learn and develop their skills. Each app has its own unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Which of these educational apps would you recommend for schools? Let us know your thoughts!



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