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Serious road Accident la sensul giratoriu Cora! There are more victims On the morning of September 12, 2023, the city.

Constanța was shaken by an extremely serious road Accident la sensul giratoriu Cora place in the Cora roundabout. The tragic impact involved no less than four vehicles, resulting in multiple victims and a complex intervention by the emergency forces.

According to the information provided 

Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Dobrogea, four vehicles were involved in this terrible Accident la sensul giratoriu Cora. Among them are a minibus, two cars and a bus. The severity of the incident was evident from the start, with reports indicating that two people were trapped in the damaged vehicles.

At the scene, the intervention teams acted quickly and coordinated to deal with the critical situation. The Palas Detachment was present with a water and foam extinguishing vehicle, and the Mobile Emergency, Resuscitation and Extrication Service (SMURD) was represented by two units, respectively SMURD B2 and SMURD C. At the same time, the Fripis Detachment intervened with the force of Evacuation and SMURD B2, and the Port Detachment contributed with a Multi-Casualty Vehicle, underscoring the scale of the situation.

The victims of this tragic accident did not delay in being transported to the hospital for urgent medical care. According to information provided by ISU Dobrogea, three victims, including two women and a baby, were transferred to medical facilities for treatment. In addition, four other people required medical attention but refused transport to hospital.

The situation continued to worsen

With four more people taken to hospital following the crash. One person was also treated at the scene for a panic attack and refused transport to hospital. In total, up to this point, no less than seven adults and one infant have been transported to the hospital.

The event generated a complex intervention from the authorities and medical personnel, emphasizing the importance of preparation and coordination of efforts in such tragic situations. We all hope for a speedy and full recovery for all the victims of this accident, and the authorities will carefully investigate the circumstances that led to this incident to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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