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This post shares information about Acidente Jesse Shurastey to help visitors know the passing away of an influencer and his dog in an accident. 

Did the accident kill the golden retriever and influencer? Were they on a trip to Beetle? People across Brazil know Jesse Koz as a worldwide traveler travelling from Balneario Camboriu. Once the news of Jesse’s accident surfaced over social networking sites, many speculators wished for the recovery and wanted to know if the influencer was live or not.

You can read the post below and find details of Acidente Jesse Shurastey and other important facts. 

Did Jesse meet with an accident?

Jesse Koz died recently in a road accident near Portland city in the U.S. on Monday, May 23, 2022. He was a 29-year-old Brazilian individual and is well-recognized for traversing the globe in his Beetle 1978 with Balneário Camboriú plates. 

The news of Jesse’s demise was verified by a close relative and over the influencer’s personal social media profile. Shurastey, his golden retriever that accompanies him on the outings, was also killed in the tragedy. People worldwide are shocked by Jesse’s news and are looking for Fotos Acidente Shurastey.

Who was Jesse travelling with? 

The influencer, Jesse Koz, is a well-known traveler who perished in a terrific accident while travelling the globe with a dog. Friends remember this South Carolina influencer for travelling in a V.W. Beetle with his pet dog.

Jesse travelled to the U.S with Dodongo, the Shurastey. In September, the intention was to arrive in Alaska. However, the aim was not fulfilled since the Brazilian influencer passed away tragically in an accident. People want to know how the accident occurred that perished Jesse.

Acidente Jesse Shurastey:

As per the sources, Jesse’s Beetle attempted to turn out from a traffic mess. The car went off the road losing the vehicle’s control, and crossed into the wrong lane, colliding with a Ford Escape going in the other direction. Beetle visited about sixteen nations before the stop in Times Square.

In the U.S., Beetle was stranded in a snowstorm that had left Balneário Cambori. Also, the Escape driver was wounded and rushed to hospital.

Which trip was planned?

The “Shurastey or Shuraigow?” project’s part was based on “Should I Stay or Should I Go?,” the popular song of The Clash. 

People have been looking for Fotos Acidente Shurastey since he died recently. However, the images of Jesse’s accident are not revealed as it is sensitive for the families and relatives of people who die or meet with an accident.

Jesse has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and it follows the adventures of Shurastey, Dodongo, and Jesse. Jesse’s friends and family mourn his untimely demise since the influencer died with his dog in an accident.


Jesse Koz, the Brazilian influencer, was on his way to the U.S., Alaska, in the U.S., along with Shurastey, his dog, and died in an accident in Oregon state. The travel was interrupted by Acidente Jesse Shurastey in Oregon, Selma, on May 23, 2022. 

Read more about Jesse’s accident here. Do you know the details of Jesse’s accident? Then, share your views in the comment box.

This post shares information about Acidente Jesse Shurastey to help visitors know the passing away of an influencer and his dog in an accident.

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