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Alexdx salto Video Original“. His stunning, specialized trip past the famous milestone in the Pyrenees Mountains was watched by millions, transforming Alexdx into something of a web big name for the time being.

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The misfortune that ended the existence of experienced jumper Álex Villar, 34, during a base bouncing meeting last Friday keeps on moving the occupants of Escarrilla, the little town in the Pyrenees where Álex spent a critical piece of his time. Tenderly known as “Alexdx salto Video Original” by his numerous devotees via virtual entertainment, Villar developed all through his life an earnest energy for outrageous mountain sports – and particularly for base hopping, the unsafe game that wound up costing him his life.

Brought into the world in Madrid, Alexdx spent portion of his 34 years of life devoted altogether to the mountains of the Tena Valley, where his family has a loft. It was there that he embraced his affection for base bouncing, paragliding, climbing and the wide range of various games that the dazzling Pyrenean scenes bring to the table.

“It’s an incredible disgrace when there are individuals who risk such countless things to fulfill others,” deplored a nearby neighbor who had known Alexdx for quite a long time. For sure, albeit base hopping is an outrageous game naturally, with huge dangers in any event, when polished via prepared and experienced experts, the people who realized Alexdx by and by realize that he moved toward the game with the earnestness of an expert.

Who Was Álex Villar: The Man Behind the First Salto

As referenced beforehand, Alexdx Villar has devoted in a real sense a portion of his life developing a profound association with the mountains of the Tena Valley in the Spanish Pyrenees. It was there that his family had an occasion loft, permitting him to spend his summers and many ends of the week realizing about the outrageous games that the dazzling scenes bring to the table.

Alexdx started his excursion as a kid, skiing and investigating the mountains. In any case, it was around the age of 20 that he truly fell head over heels for base bouncing, pulled in by the specialized test and, obviously, the sheer adrenaline of hurling himself off bluffs wearing only a unique suit. From that point on, there was no halting him: Alexdx dove directly into the game, becoming a devotee, yet a genuine expert.

Subtleties of the Deadly Mishap During an Alexdx Hop

Sadly, not even the most talented and experienced jumpers are totally resistant to the dangers of the game. Last Friday, Alexdx Villar was planning for one more of his trademark rapid low trips on the slants of the Punta Calva mountain massif, in the Pyrenees. This time, nonetheless, something turned out badly.

As per reports, Alexdx salto Video Original, starting one more specialized and thinking for even a second to trip close to trees and rough edges. Onlookers guarantee to have seen him moving capably between rock arrangements at roughly 190 km/h. Nonetheless, at one point Alexdx seems to have let completely go, crashing head-on into the stones. The effect at the speed at which he was flying was in a split second lethal.

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