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Amber Belken Murder occurred on January 29, 2007. She was a youthful head supervisor of EB Games in San Antonio, Texas, and was unfortunately stopped.

Her body was found in the back storeroom of the store where she worked, choked with a plastic pack. The police quickly started their examination, and after north of a year, they at long last gotten the suspect. Nonetheless, it took them a sum of three years to convict him. We should investigate the Golden Amber Belken Murder case and more deeply study what occurred, who did it, and where he is presently.

How did Golden Belken Bite the dust?

Golden Belken was brought into the world in San Antonio, Texas, on December 6, 1981. She moved on from Judson Secondary School, and at the hour of her passing, she had been functioning as a senior supervisor of the EB Games store for around three years. Upon the arrival of Golden Belken murder, she had played another computer game she bought from her store with her dad. She was the lone offspring of Randy and Lelia D. Belken.

The day subsequent to playing the game, on January 29, 2007, Golden showed up at the store at around 9 a.m. Her sweetheart got an instant message from her at 9:08 a.m., saying, “I love you,” she purportedly switched off the store caution at roughly 9:12 a.m. Two other EB Games head supervisors went to mind her at around 2 a.m. at the point when Golden couldn’t be reached by telephone.

At the point when they showed up, they observed that the customer facing facade entryway was as yet locked, the secondary passage was locked from an external perspective, and the security bar was lifted. Golden’s dormant body was found in the back storeroom with a plastic sack covering her head. Her right hand was close by, and her left was on her lower back.

Golden’s vehicle was as yet left in the parking garage before the store, and her cell phone lay on the driver’s seat. The front seat had a Lowe’s handbag, and a cardboard cash box with a couple of rolls of coins was viewed as on the counter.

Who Killed Golden Belken?

At first, the police and Golden’s family thought Brandon Beil, the store’s associate chief. Golden was purportedly going to present a negative assessment of Brandon, and the police accepted it very well may be sufficient thought process in him to kill Golden. Notwithstanding, Brandon was gotten free from doubt after a few unprofitable hunts of his home and other observer declarations.

It was just when a previous representative of EB Games reached the police with data that the examiners at long last had an individual of interest for the situation. The mysterious insider expressed that another previous representative, Geovany Rivera, had moved toward him on the morning of the homicide, requesting that he assist with looting the store. The individual declined and figured Rivera wouldn’t truly follow up on his suggestion.

In August 2008, Geovany Rivera was at last captured by the US Marshals Administration from one of his cousin’s homes in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He was on the US Marshals’ 15 Most Needed list then. He was accused of Golden’s homicide alongside two inconsequential earlier instances of inappropriate behavior. According to the specialists, Rivera had escaped to Mexico subsequent to carrying out the homicide.

What occurred in the preliminary of Geovany Rivera?

The Golden Belken murder preliminary of Geovany Rivera started in 2010, three years after the homicide of Golden Belken. During the preliminary, the indictment set forth the contention that Rivera had killed Golden over the span of a burglary. To help their case, they introduced indisputable proof – Rivera’s DNA was found on the sack that was utilized to choke out Golden.

The safeguard contended that the DNA proof was uncertain and might have come about because of pollution. They additionally battled that the observer who had given data about Rivera’s association in the homicide was questionable. Following a 10-day preliminary, the jury viewed Geovany Rivera to be blameworthy of capital homicide and condemned him to life in jail without the chance of parole.

Where Could Geovany Rivera Currently be?

The examination and preliminary that followed were long and complex, however a fair consequence was eventually given with the conviction of Geovany Rivera. He is detained in a jail cell at the John M. Wynne Unit in northern Huntsville, Texas. He has been carrying out his punishment beginning around 2010 and is qualified for parole on August 10, 2038.

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