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Amigos Traicioneros Video Twitter“. The article centers around introducing the sad occasion connected with the passing of Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo, a 22-year-old young fellow, through a stunning video that was generally spread on Twitter.

The unfortunate occasion of the passing of Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo

In a lamentable new development, the unfavorable passing of Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo, 22, has stunned the local area. The unfortunate episode spins around a severe assault that killed the young fellow.

The occurrence pulled in fast and far reaching consideration on a few web-based entertainment stages, Amigos Traicioneros Video Twitter catching the horrendous attack. The realistic substance of the recording immediately moved the occasion to public consideration, inciting an instinctive and aggregate reaction from online clients.

Reaction from Colombian specialists:

The shocking idea of the wrongdoing has incited nearby specialists to make a conclusive move. The legislative leader of Norte de Santander, William Laguado, reported a significant prize of up to 50 million pesos for data that prompts the capture of those liable for the homicide of Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo.

In an authority articulation, the lead representative denounced the appalling demonstration and accentuated the desperation of recognizing and dealing with the culprits. What’s more, George Quintero, Secretary of Resident Security, reported a prize arrangement pointed toward speeding up the misgiving of those engaged with this stunning case that has left society all in all frightened.

Subtleties of the case Tricky Companions Video Twitter

The video coursing regarding the intolerable homicide of Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo gives an upsetting visual story of the occasions. The recording, made under a scaffold in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, is a realistic declaration of the fierceness of the assault, featuring the savage viciousness with in excess of 50 stabbings.

The pictures show the second when Andrés Alberto is encircled by three young fellows, one of them conveying a blade. The arrangement barbarously subtleties how the aggressor more than once cuts the young fellow in various pieces of his body, including his head, chest, stomach and back. The roughness of the brutality caught in the video has profoundly moved society and produced a flood of dismissal.

ID of Aggressors:

The recording permits the ID of three people associated with the assault. One of them, obviously recognized as the culprit of the wrongdoing, uses a blade with which he incurs lethal injuries for Andrés Alberto. Another individual, present at the scene, energizes and upholds the fundamental assailant, adding to the climate of brutality.

In spite of the dissemination of the Amigos Traicioneros Video Twitter, the specialists have not yet authoritatively affirmed the personality of the aggressors or their inspirations. The uncensored dispersal of the video has started broad shock and escalated strain on specialists to explain this appalling wrongdoing.

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