Are There Any Anonymous Crypto Exchanges?

About General Information Anonymous Crypto Exchanges

CeFi exchange platforms need the Know-Your-Customer procedure to be in line with national regulations. This means sharing your personal details with a third party that manages the platform to be able to make your transactions. 

This is the main difference between DeFi and CeFi crypto exchanges. The actors of DeFi — or decentralized finance — don’t ask for your personal details, following the fundamental idea behind cryptos — privacy

Traders and investors keep using centralized platforms because they got used to them. CeFi exchanges were first to enter the market. They also offer better liquidity and functionality. To deal with decentralized platforms, you need to have a good knowledge not only of markets but also of the technology behind them. 

Today, it is possible to enjoy intuitiveness and anonymity at the same time by using anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges

What Are Anonymous Crypto Exchanges and How to Choose the Best One

Anonymous crypto exchanges grant you the right to trade your cryptocurrencies without revealing your data. You just need to indicate your wallet’s public address. For example, if you want to convert BTC into XMR, you need to choose the pair, send your BTC, and wait for the operation to be complete. 

Choosing the right platform is fundamental to avoid risks and high fees

Reliability and fairness are two characteristics you should consider to keep your assets safe. The former will allow you to avoid major risks (shutdowns, hackings), while the latter will help you not to lose your funds to fees. 

This is where Godex steps in. 

Godex: The Unlimited and Anonymous Crypto Exchange 

By visiting the anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, you can convert an unlimited amount of cryptos. Its fixed exchange rate will protect you from volatility. As it is anonymous, you don’t have to sign up and share your personal information. 

To trade your cryptocurrencies: 

  1. Choose the required pair; 
  2. Add your public address; 
  3. Send the base currency; 
  4. Confirm the operation.

Godex has a mobile application and allows you to trade 301 cryptocurrencies. Among these, there are also cryptocurrencies that, even if quite popular among crypto traders, may not be available on many crypto exchanges, for example, the BQX coin

Participate in the Affiliate Program

Another perk of Godex is that you can participate in their affiliate program. Once the registration is complete, you’ll receive 0.005 BTC for free, as a registration bonus. Every time you refer a new user, you’ll get up to 0.6% of each of their transactions. If you own a business and want to use this program, you can integrate their tools with your platform and carry out crypto exchanges yourself.

First of all, you need to sign up. The registration consists of a few easy steps:

  1. Go to the homepage and click “Affiliate Program” in the top right corner of the website;
  2. The system doesn’t ask for your personal details. Godex creates a unique ID that you need to store and reuse to log in; 
  3. Provide your email address; 
  4. Create your password;
  5. Confirm your account: you’ll receive a link to your email to confirm your registration.

You will be able to withdraw your funds once you reach 0.015 BTC, but only for the first withdrawal. For any other withdrawal, you need a balance higher than 0.0001 BTC.

Please, consider that on Godex, all prices are indicated in BTC for your convenience. 


More and more people consider switching to decentralized exchanges these days because of security concerns. Decentralized services are harder to hack, and they don’t store your funds or personal information. And the main argument is that users have full control over their assets, unlike on centralized platforms.

Godex is a profitable crypto exchange: compared to its competitors, it guarantees fairness, anonymity, and doesn’t impose limits on trading. This is not to mention that people can actually make a profit using its affiliate program and get BTC for free! 



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