What is Azure Cloud Certification?

What is Azure Cloud Certification

The Azure cloud certification program is all about understanding the Azure infrastructure. The Azure cloud certification from Simplilearn will help you implement security and workloads, create and deploy apps, and secure data in Azure. The program offers lifetime access to class recordings and self-paced videos. 

Benefits of Azure Certification

The market share of Microsoft Azure has increase to 8% in 2021. The top benefits of getting an Azure certification are as follows:

  • Structured learning

When you pursue Microsoft Azure certifications, you will undergo a structured learning methodology. Candidates are provided knowledge about various common tools like GitHub, Hadoop, and Eclipse. The concise learning process ensures that learners can easily adapt to different Azure services and platforms with ease. The Azure certification programs provide learners with theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. 

  • Improvement of DevOps skills

DevOps revolves around practices combining development and operation services to provide customers with reliable solutions. DevOps supports the collaboration of people, technologies, and processes that support the development of valuable services and products to meet business objectives. DevOps skills from an Azure certification enable learners to deliver cloud services like process automation and cloud environment monitoring.

  • Higher salaries

A Microsoft Azure certification can considerably increase your pay scale. The certification will validate your skills in front of employers and make you recognizable in the market. You will become eligible for higher compensation packages all over the world. Your exact salary will depend on your specific role and the seniority of your position.

  • Career development

An Azure certification can aid your professional career development. With more businesses adopting Microsoft Azure, the demand for certified professionals is also increasing. You can pick between multiple roles and become a leading cloud professional in the industry. Several governmental organizations are also adopting Microsoft Azure. Therefore, you also have the chance to find a job in the government sector.

Career paths for Azure Certified Professionals

After earning your Azure certification, you will be able to explore the following career paths:

  • Azure Data Engineer associate

The role is crucial for data pipeline development and supporting stakeholders with understanding data. The job role is perfect for professionals working with data processing and data pipelines and dealing with stakeholders. Data engineers can pursue a Microsoft Azure certification to become eligible for this role.

Azure data engineer associates need an in-depth understanding of data processing languages like Python, Scala, and SQL. They should also understand parallel processing and architecture patterns. They usually need to design, develop, implement, and optimize data storage, processing, and security. 

  • Key Account Manager

A key account manager looks after the sales account of cloud storage, products, and server. A key account manager must often supervise customer accounts and aid purchase decisions. The primary task of a key account manager is enabling adoption, driving market penetration, and increasing revenue generation. They also need to look after the large customer base of a business.

  • Azure Cloud Architect

Azure cloud architects need to work closely with engineers as well as stakeholders and technical leaders. They are responsible for building and managing technical architectures to support the implementation of new technology. An Azure certification offers knowledge about cloud computing and the spread of diverse technology to prepare you for the role of a cloud architect.

  • Cloud Developer

Cloud developers are known to build cloud-based software and applications for businesses. They need a credible amount of expertise in software development and Microsoft Azure. An Azure certification offers all the necessary skills to fulfill the role of a cloud developer successfully.

  • Azure IoT Developer

The development of network-capable devices is leading to the rapid growth of the Internet of Things. An Azure IoT developer is responsible for integrating IoT solutions in network security and infrastructure. They must also deploy, set up, and configure IoT Edge devices.

Processing and managing data and devices are also their responsibility. Azure IoT developers should also be able to troubleshoot and improve IoT solutions. Apart from a thorough knowledge of the Internet of Things, they must also be fluent with Azure-supported programming languages, like Node, C, C#, and Python.

  • Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager

Several organizations focusing on adapting to Microsoft Azure are looking for a cloud sales and purchase manager. The role requires you to work alongside software developers and IT architects. You will also be responsible for shaping the advancement of creative technology in a business.

  • Azure Security Engineer Associate

Cyber security is a major concern for all organizations, with breaches becoming more frequent. Considering the surging demand, the industry also has a shortage of cyber security skills. Organizations adapting to Microsoft Azure are looking for security engineers. 

A Microsoft Azure certification will teach them how to manage security operations. They will understand the implementation of platform protection techniques and the ability to manage identity and access. You must have experience with administering Azure and hybrid environments along with an understanding of cloud capabilities to fulfill the responsibility with ease.

  • Azure AI Engineer Associate

A Microsoft Azure certification will also help you explore the field of artificial intelligence. The skills required for the role include performing task automation, monitoring and optimizing operational resources, and optimizing query performance. They also need to plan and execute a High Availability and Disaster Recovery environment. 

The ability to use AI principles responsibly and an understanding of the components in the Azure AI portfolio are crucial. You also need to understand the concepts of conversational AI, natural language processing, and knowledge mining. 

Summing up

Microsoft Azure services have firmly gripped the market, and its certifications are highly sought-after by employers. When you pass the Azure certification exam after proper training, you can explore multiple job opportunities. The skills from a Microsoft Azure certification program will be crucial for your professional career development. You will withdraw higher salaries and find a respectable job in a recognizable field.



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