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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Bitql. Also, learn about its legitimacy in this article on Bitql Reviews.

Are you interested in enrolling on a service that automatically trades Bitcoin based on market statistics? Though Bitcoin is an old cryptocurrency, it involves market risk. So, would you be able to trade profitably without the knowledge of the crypto market? Bitql is available in a few countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, etc.

Before registration and investment in Bitql, would you like to read reviews to know its legitimacy? Then, check the exclusive facts below in Bitql Reviews.

About Scamming Plot:

Bitql has emerged as a popular tool for automatically trading Bitcoins. It is positively rated between 4.3 to 4.8/5 stars by the users. However, scammers are taking advantage of its growing popularity. More than two fake applications are found to exist that replicate the original Bitql platform.

Bitql is available online as a web-based platform. Several reviews found that the fake Bitql application sponsors advertisements containing fake and animated images. Such images showed an exact copy of registration pages, recycled pictures produced with the Bitql logo, explicit content of original Bitql ‘How to’ pages, etc.

Is Bitql a Scam?

Further analyses showed that two illegal platforms, including BitXT, are involved in cloning the original Bitql platform. It is anticipated that more illegitimate apps may get involved in future. Additionally, such fake platforms are promoted by advertisements.

About Bitql:

It must be understood that the original Bitql platform is legitimate. However, a few fake applications in the market were created by scammers that cloned the original Bitql platform, making it difficult to differentiate between the unauthentic and genuine Bitql platforms. It will result in investors transferring money on fake apps and ending up with empty pockets.

Bitql Reviews determined that Bitql platform has a long time existence since 2017. However, it is available in fewer countries. It is partnered with CySEC-licensed brokers. Bitql uses complex but accurate mathematical algorithms to analyze volatile cryptocurrency to identify profitable trading opportunities.

Original and legitimate Bitql platform features:

  • A free demo account to experience and learn how to trade on the platform, 
  • A minimum of $250 deposit, 
  • User verification, 
  • Several security levels, 
  • Easy and immediate payout after trading, 
  • Automated bitcoin trading using ai, nlp, and machine learning, 
  • Free-to-use platform, 
  • Two trading modes, 
  • Good customer support, 
  • Bitql Reviews found multiple deposit options, 
  • Positive customer feedback, 
  • More than 90% success rate, 
  • Lesser trading time, 
  • Follows proven trading strategies, 
  • More trade execution margins, 
  • High profits each day, 
  • Efficient and speedy trading, 
  • Emotionless trading, 
  • Easy to use, and 
  • Web-based platform, etc.


Original Bitql is a legitimate bot software analyzing price instability patterns, moving averages, spread disparities, market risks, patterns from various market and trading charts, relevant news, trading tre

nds, etc., to ascertain high-quality trading tips and technical analysis for trading profitably. However, several fake platforms cloned Bitql, resulting in investors signing up for counterfeit platforms and getting scammed.

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