[Watch Video] Brutal agresión a 2 Motovlogers Vicente y Fernanda en la India @Vueltaalmundoenmoto

Latest News Brutal agresión a 2 Motovlogers Vicente y Fernanda en la India @Vueltaalmundoenmoto

“¡Brutal agresión a 2 Motovlogers Vicente y Fernanda en la India @Vueltaalmundoenmoto! Así describieron los seguidores de la pareja de motovloggers españoles Vicente y Fernanda el severe ataque que sufrieron durante su viaje por India.


Brutal agresión a 2 Motovlogers Vicente y Fernanda en la India @Vueltaalmundoenmoto. Their undertaking started in 2021 with the objective of displaying various nations and societies while advancing supportable transportation. More than two years they went through Europe and Asia, sharing recordings and photographs of their experiences. They fabricated areas of strength for an among motorcycling networks internationally.

In Walk 2024, Vicente and Fernanda were two months into their time in India, having shown up in the country in January. They took care of the northwestern territories of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, prior to advancing further south. While acclimating to the extreme differences among abundance and neediness in India, the Spanish voyagers stayed sure about encountering regions off the normal vacationer courses. Remaining in a tent permitted them to camp in provincial areas, communicate with neighborhood networks, and keep a low financial plan.

Depiction of the merciless assault on Vicente and Fernanda in India

The evening of Spring second, 2024, Vicente and Fernanda set up for business in a rustic area of southern India’s Karnataka state. They were resting in their tent when at around 2 AM they heard commotions outside. Out of nowhere the tent was torn open by seven men employing blades and metal bars. The men pulled Vicente and Fernanda from their tent, tossed them to the ground, and started beating them while yelling dangers in the neighborhood language.

The assailants were communicating in Hindi, which Vicente and Fernanda couldn’t comprehend, however the fierce tone made their threatening goals understood. The men kept hitting and kicking the Spanish voyagers all around their bodies while holding blades and obtuse items to their throats. Vicente and Fernanda asked the men to stop however the ruthless attack persevered. A portion of the expressions the interpreter later found the assailants utilized were “We will show you a thing or two,” “You merit this,” and “We will kill you.”

Responses and backing for Vicente and Fernanda

After the aggressors escaped, Vicente and Fernanda lay truly harmed, draining and in shock. Vicente figured out how to get to his mobile phone and called the crisis number in India for help. The dispatcher attempted to figure out his wild eyed Spanish requests however at last police and a rescue vehicle showed up to move them to the closest emergency clinic. There, Vicente and Fernanda related subtleties of the awful snare to specialists prior to being treated for their broad outside and interior injuries.

Still frightened and in colossal agony, Vicente refreshed their web-based entertainment accounts from his emergency clinic bed to illuminate adherents about the uncouth attack. The posts quickly started shock and a generous overflow of help from motovlogging networks across Spain, Latin America, and the world. Thousands remaining messages passing on compassion, fortitude, solace, and requests for equity with respect to the assault on the notable substance makers.

Ramifications for Vicente and Fernandards)

Vicente and Fernanda remained hospitalized in basic yet stable condition after the assault. Both experienced broken ribs, facial breaks, Brutal agresión a 2 Motovlogers Vicente y Fernanda en la India @Vueltaalmundoenmoto, and various cuts that expected a medical procedure and bondings. While Vicente’s condition gradually improved with treatment, specialists stressed over disease and different confusions emerging from Fernanda’s rape. The profound harm caused would probably torment them far longer than the actual wounds.

The eventual fate of their @Vueltaalmundoenmoto mission became dubious in the fallout of the merciless trap. Rest, recovery, and mental directing would get Vicente and Fernanda far from motorcycling experiences for quite a while. It stayed hazy whether they had the monetary, physical, or mental ability to continue globetrotting to finish their unique goal subsequent to enduring such frightfulness in India. Really dear companions contemplated whether they could recuperate to the point of getting back to common life back in Spain, considerably less going through emerging countries.

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