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This post about Dejardins .com shares details of a site highly researched recently. Read to know if it was the financial services firm you looked for.

Are you looking for information on Dejardins? Is it challenging to find facts about Dejardins? Many users across Canada and other global places had recently searched for details about Dejardins.

However, Dejardins’ web page doesn’t exist; Desjardins was found on the web with unlimited information and facts. So, if you are searching for useful information about Desjardins, you can check the post below with some facts about Dejardins .com.

About Desjardins:

The greatest credit unions’ federation, also known as caisse populaire in North America, is The Desjardins Group. This Canadian region’s group is among the renowned financial services collaborative. Alphonse Desjardins started it in 1900 in Quebec, Lévis. Many executive management, such as the CEO, Guy Cormier, are situated in Montreal, while the company’s legal headquarters are still in Lévis. 

Many individuals who looked for Dejardins or its web page could not fetch the details since it was unavailable. But, if you are looking for Desjardins, you can find additional facts in the coming sections.

What is Dejardins .com?

Dejardins, a recently searched term, has no specific details available. It might be misspelled by the people looking for the financial service firm, Desjardins. Although Desjardins, a financial services firm, has vast information on the net, Dejardins details are unavailable.

What are the services provided by the Desjardins group?

With almost seven million customers and members served as of 2017, the Desjardins Group comprises 293 regional credit unions, most of which are found in the Ontario and Quebec provinces. Desjardins Group is retail banking service. 

The group also has more than twenty companies, but not Dejardins .com that provide services and products in the following sectors or fields:

  • Desjardins Securities- Brokerage
  • Desjardins Venture- Venture capital funds
  • Complexe Desjardins- Real estate
  • Desjardins General Insurance, Desjardins Financial Security- Insurance

Specifications of Desjardins:

  • Company- Desjardins
  • Industry- Financial services
  • Company type- Cooperative
  • Establishment- Quebec, Lévis in 1900
  • Primary people- Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President- Guy Cormier
  • Website url-
  • Number of employees- Over 53,783

Aequitas, a social impact fund, was started by Desjardins in October 2020 to raise 115 million dollars to support young people and women in poor or developing nations. However, the facts about Dejardins .com are uncertain, and we could not find information even after in-depth research.

So, you can check the web if you get any details of Dejardins and share them with us. However, read here to look for additional particulars about Desjardins, the financial services group.


Dejardins, the most searched phrase or web page over the web in the past few days, has no authentic information available. But, Desjardins group has provided many financial services since 1900. The company has global recognition due to its reliable services.

Did you research for Dejardins .com? Please share the information you know about Dejardins in the comment section.

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