Derma Geek Reviews (Oct 2021) Is The Website Legit?

Derma Geek Online Website Reviews
Buying cosmetics can be tricky, but here in Derma Geek Reviews, get the best guide for buying creams and lotions after getting information about the company.

Are you looking for a trustworthy review on Derma Geek? Then, this is it. You have landed to the right article. Derma Geek has been selling its products in Canada, United States. After hearing the name of the company, people showed enthusiasm about knowing more.

So, here we are with one of the most demanded reviews. If you want to keep your skin healthy, make sure you check out the detailed Derma Geek Reviews. Readers need to keep reading the article to know if the company is worth investing in and using the products.

Details Of Derma Geek

Derma Geek is a company that sells cosmetics for giving your skin hydration and for moisturization. The company has multiple products like a facial serum for detoxification, night cream for nourishing your skin, combos for hydrating, exfoliating, smoothening and much more.

The company sells its product in multiple stores, like Walmart etc.

The company claims to have safe cosmetics for all types of skins. But, before believing them, you should know in detail Is Derma Geek Legit and their claims are legit or not. Keep reading got to know more about the company Derma Geek.

Specifications of Derma Geek

  • Website URL-
  • Registration date of Derma Geek- It is created on 26th August 2020.
  • Contact address- 1-(866) 635-6981
  • Email Id- Any address for email is not available
  • Address Of Company – Not available.
  • Shipping policy- 3-5 and a maximum of 2 more days for remote areas.
  • Refund – It can take up to 30 days.
  • Social media – It has social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and there are some products of Derma Geek Reviews.
  • Delivery Charges – Shipping charges are not mentioned.
  • Return Policy- Within 30 days
  • Exchange – no information is provided.
  • Payment options- VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express are the option for paying on the website.


  • The products of the company are not tested on animals.
  • The solution and the serums in the products are clinically tested.
  • The trust score is not bad; it has performed well.
  • The company provides products for every skin tone.
  • It has been almost a year to the company.


  • The email address of the company is not available.
  • They don’t have any options for cancellation.

Is Derma Geek Legit?

To ensure that if the company has any legitimacy or not, stick with the pointers analyzed below – 

  • The company is existing from 26th August 2020, which makes it one year and a month. Such time is fine enough to understand if the company is legit or not.
  • The confidence rate of the company varies from 60-61%, which is average; we are not able to detect any such suspicious activities.
  • The plagiarism report is not good; 68% of the company has copied a lot of content from different sites.
  • Customers have reacted positively to Derma Geek Reviews, some bad reviews are present, but the ratio of the good reviews is higher.
  • The company has performed well in checking the trust ratio, but the rankings are not available.
  • Policies are clear, but some information are missing, like exchanging or cancellation.
  • Another suspicious thing is that Derma Geek has not presented the physical address of the company.
  • Derma Geek has also given a good amount of discount. It doesn’t look deceptive.
  • The company has three social media handles, but the followers are not in huge numbers, which can be a risky point.

How Are The Derma Geek Reviews?

Don’t worry if you are scammed by PayPal; read here the ways to Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed. After analyzing the company and the reviews from customers on the skincare cosmetics seems good enough.

Because not only just on the platforms, some other platforms like Walmart is also selling the product, and customers have more good reviews than bad about the product. Some have appreciated the effect of the cream and moisturizing capabilities. But, the company doesn’t have a good following on the social media handle, which becomes a little deceptive.

Final Verdict

In the final verdict of Derma Geek Reviews, we have analyzed the company. The company doesn’t seem suspicious as per the sources analyzed. But, make sure you still check the website on your own before buying the products.

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