EcoFlow Delta Max 1600

EcoFlow Delta Max 1600 Online Product Reviews

Finally, a generator with batteries! Movable power supply for uses such as hiking, shooting, cabins, the workplace, or other locations where power is required but main supply access is not possible. It can manage all operations that formerly needed a gasoline engine with a power output of 1800W, however it does it far more easily and without any exhaust fumes or emission pollution. The 230V, 12V, & USB ports make it suitable with a wide range of gadgets. It can be fueled from the main supply, an automobile, or other flexible sources or solar panels.

EcoFlow Delta can run kitchen appliances, power tools, and even charge an electric vehicle (approx. 5-8 km). It is ideal for those who require extra electricity daily because it charges 80% in less than an hour. The connected devices display the battery capacity and the amount of power the device uses. Because of lithium-ion battery, the integrated handle makes carrying it simple. A unique charging technique allows it to be kept with the charger within, keeping it constantly prepared for trips, work, or power failures.

In our EcoFlow Delta Max 1600 review, we’ll dive into its features, functions, and its pros and cons.


  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 49,7 x 24,2 x 30,5 cm
  • Charging time: Wall socket: about 2 hours (80% in one hour)
  • Battery capacity: 1612 Wh (50,4V)
  • Battery technology: 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Storage: Keep it plugged in or charge it every 12 months
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Current (max.): 2000W continuous, up to 10A

Features You Don’t Want to Miss

  • No Gasoline, No Exhaust Fumes

Petrol-powered generators need maintenance, are more expensive to run, and are bad for the environment. The EcoFlow Delta Max 1600 is maintenance-free (other than charging it once a year), produces no exhaust emissions, and makes no noise. It is also more compact and lighter than conventional power plants.

  • Can Power Electric Car

Use your EcoFlow Delta Max as the electric car’s backup battery. A single battery will last 5 to 8 kilometers. For increased range, connect more batteries in series.

  • Connection in Series for Increased Capacity

Additionally, the battery may be linked in series. Connect the charging cable from the 230V socket on one battery to charge on the other. By doing this, you increase the battery’s capacity by double, which is ideal for professions with higher demands. The expansion battery, which doubles the capacity and charges concurrently with your Delta Max, is also available.

  • EcoFlow Delta Power Management with BMS

The 140 lithium cells in the EcoFlow Delta battery are safely charged and distributed with the help of EcoFlow’s exclusive BMS (Battery Management System). The battery’s lifespan is maximized by algorithms based on each cell’s charge and temperature during charging and operation. It also offers safe use even at very high loads.

Through more than 20 separate hardware and software safeguards, their Power Management System enables Delta’s high power and equips it to manage transient surges of up to 3300W. It will automatically shut off to protect the battery if the load gets too high.

How to Use It?

  • Charge

Using only the battery, you may quickly charge the battery. The Delta includes two plugs for charging: including one for 230V and another for the solar cells and the included car charger. It is compatible with many additional solar panel companies in addition to the common connectors (MC4) for solar cells with a converter from MC4 to Delta’s XT60 socket.

  • Power supply 

It may be charged to 80% or 100% in an hour or two by plugging it into a wall socket.

  • Through the Sun

Link it to 400 W of solar panels. MC4 input adapter is supplied. Utilizing three Eco-Flow 160W photovoltaic power on a bright morning, you may fully charge the batteries in 3.5-7 hours.

  • Through the Car

10 to 12 hours are needed for refueling through a 12V socket in the automobile (cable supplied).

Pros and Cons 

  • Emergency Power at Home

In an emergency, DELTA Max expands up to 6kWh with clever extra batteries, keeping your home powered.

  • Fast Dual Charging

Charge up in 65 minutes from 0% to 80%. Or, you combine AC charging with the EcoFlow Smart Generator to achieve speeds up to 3400W. But it is very temperature dependent. It means that when it warms up, it throttles the charging rate. Which sometimes only allows you to charge for half an hour to an hour.

  • Power Multiple Devices

Are you looking for a power source for large appliances like your refrigerator and dryer? DELTA Max efficiently manages devices up to 2500W with X-Boost.

  • Solar Powered Generator

Never stop running, no matter what. For 800W Max solar charging rates, DELTA Max connects with up to 2x 400W EcoFlow solar panels.

  • Eco-Friendly

Solar power generator does not just lessen your expenses but also help protect the ecosystem, even in a small way.

  • Charge Cycle Life: 800 Cycles to 60% Capacity

Using EcoFlow Delta Max as a standalone solar power system for daily cycling is not advisable as it lowers the product’s capacity to 60%.

Final Thoughts

EcoFlow Delta Max 1600 has many good features, especially if you love traveling. It can supply the power you need for your coffee machine, charge your phone, and power your small fridge on your RV. Cheaper than any other brand and has many more features than the other generators. That’s why we have rated it as one of the best portable generators. The product is worth every penny.



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