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At the point when I originally saw the stunning pictures of the “Colombia video bomb accessory,” El collar bomba Colombia Video.

The bomb jewelry Colombia Video

On May 15, 2000, a horrifying wrongdoing happened in Colombia that stunned the country. In the branch of Boyacá, Mrs. Elvia Cortés, 53 years of age, passed on because of the blast of a bomb jewelry that a few crooks had put on her to coerce her. City chairman Jairo Hernando López, a Police explosives master who was attempting to deactivate the gadget, likewise kicked the bucket.

The bad dream for Elvia Cortés started at 4 AM on her homestead situated in the Palestinian town of the region of Chiquinquirá. Four hooded and furnished men broke into the property, stifled her better half and effectively positioned the collar bomb around her neck. She was cautioned that she had 24 hours to pay 15 million pesos or, more than likely they would explode the hazardous.

The explosives made

The neckband bomb that killed Elvia Cortés was made with PVC pipes, dangerous materials and distant actuation instruments. The lawbreakers exhibited a serious level of refinement in planning such a lethal gadget, versatile to the human neck and programmable to explode freely. Obviously this was a bomb made to kill, not simply to scare.

The people who considered this blackmail technique tried to rouse outright trepidation in the person in question. The reality of continually conveying a deadly item joined to your neck that could detonate at any second produces frightful mental torment. Elvia Cortés needed to live for 24 hours with the conviction of her conceivable obliteration on the off chance that she didn’t consent to give up the 15 million pesos.

Bomb Jewelry Examination

After the underlying effect of the explosion of the collar bomb, the specialists started the quest for those capable. The underlying speculation highlighted the FARC, given the language utilized in the sound accounts left at the crime location. This caused the suspension of the harmony exchanges that the Public authority was completing with that furnished gathering.

El collar bomba Colombia Video, with the advancement of the examinations, FARC obligation was precluded. At long last, in 2002 the Examiner’s Office officially charged José Miguel Suárez, a colleague of the person in question, as the scholarly creator of the wrongdoing. It was demonstrated that Suárez dealt with the Cortés ranch, so he had favored data to complete the hijacking and coercion utilizing the collar bomb.

Those liable for the bomb collar

After an exhaustive examination, in September 2002 the Colombian equity framework condemned José Miguel Suárez to 32 years in jail, blamed for being the scholarly creator of the jewelry bomb wrongdoing. Suárez had dealt with the homestead of El collar bomba Colombia Video the person in question, so he had inside data to do the capturing and blackmail.

The adjudicator established that Suárez was very much aware of the developments and weaknesses of the ranch, including the times when Cortés was separated from everyone else. It was additionally settled that he acquired toxin to kill the watchman canines the evening of the attack. All the proof unequivocally highlighted Suárez as the head of the group of hoodlums liable for the horrifying wrongdoing.

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