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Please read this report to learn about Enhypen Heardle regarding a K-pop band and its chances to appear in the answer list of a famous musical challenge game.

Do you have a craze for music? Do you like listening to the latest number by musical bands? Do you also test your knowledge by playing challenge-based games about songs? Then, you must read this article to get essential information.

We have shared details about a new K-pop band in today’s account. Music enthusiasts Worldwide want to know about their latest releases. They also want to guess correctly in the popular musical game. Therefore, please continue reading to learn about Enhypen Heardle.

Why Are People Searching About Enhypen to Play Heardle?

Enhypen is a Korean pop band that formed in 2020. The band consists of a group of boys hailing from South Korea. Recently, the band announced that they would release a single music in May 2022. Thus, people began searching more about Enhypen’s compositions. 

The musical game of Heardle asks gamers to guess songs spread over a wide period. Sometimes, the system chooses old songs of the last decade. Whereas some other days, the song is a recent number, for which people wanted to know about Enhypen Heardle.

The songs of Enhypen are new releases, so gamers wanted to learn more to be well informed. Moreover, players searched about the Heardle answers of the past to check if this game had already selected any song of this band. 

In the recent past, Heardle did not select any song of Enhypen. But, as it is a random selection, there are fair chances that this band’s songs can be the answers. Also, due to the growing popularity of the K-pop genre, the game’s developers can include this band in their list.

About Enhypen Heardle

Enhypen consists of the K-pop stars Jay, Jungwon, Ni-Ki, Sunghoon, Heeseung, Jake, and Sunoo. They formed this band in 2020 under the collaboration of Hybe Corporation and CJ ENM. The joint project was called Belift Lab. 

Belift organized a reality show in 2020 based on survival strategies called I-Land. The Enhypen group members came into the highlight through this show. They shortly became a K-pop band. Their first song was Border: Day One, which they released on 30 November 2022. Recently, the band announced the release of their latest single. People began looking for Enhypen Heardle shortly after this announcement. 

What Genre of Songs Does Heardle Include?

Heardle’s system randomly chooses songs for users to guess correctly. The songs can be from the past decade or the latest number. For instance, the 4 April Heardle answer was Leave The Door Open, a 2021 song. On the contrary, the 3 April Heardle song was You Make My Dreams, released in 1981. Thus, it is evident that the system can choose any song irrespective of its recency. 


Soon after the said band announced their new single’s release, people started collecting information about their songs. Heardle is a popular game Worldwide, and players want to be well-versed in Enhypen Heardle to maintain their winning streak. Also, the K-pop   genre covers many songs, which the game may select as their answer. 

Which is your favorite Enhypen song? Please share below.

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