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Fotos Video de chuy montana asesinado Twitter: The music world was stunned for this present week by the fierce homicide of arising local Mexican artist Chuy Montana.

Photographs, Video of Chuy Montana killed Twitter

The youthful corrido vocalist Jesús Norberto Cárdenas Velázquez, Fotos Video de chuy montana asesinado Twitter, was tracked down killed on the evening of Wednesday, February 7, on the interstate between Playas de Rosarito and Tijuana. His body had different shot injuries, as per starting reports. The 25-year-old artist had acquired fame lately because of viral recordings of his ad libbed exhibitions at the San Ysidro gatehouse. The specialists are exploring the wrongdoing.

Pictures and recordings of the disclosure site have been broadly scattered on interpersonal organizations like Twitter. In them you can see the dormant body of the craftsman, known for tunes like “Porte de Scarface”, lying out and about. As per informal adaptations, Chuy Montana had been grabbed by a furnished commando when he was going nearby, figuring out how to escape from the vehicle prior to being shot. The record mark Road Horde Records, with which he had as of late marked, gave an assertion lamenting the occasion and requesting regard.

Chuy Montana’s experience and vocation

Jesús Norberto Cárdenas Velázquez, 25 years of age, was initially from Tijuana, Baja California. Since early on he showed interest in music, explicitly the class of corridos tumbados that blends components of conventional narcocorrido with rap and hip bounce. Self-trained, Chuy Montana formed his own melodies which he performed in the city, particularly at the San Ysidro line crossing, singing them to drivers who were holding up in line to enter the US.

It was unequivocally in San Ysidro where his ability grabbed the eye of Jesús Ortiz, singer of the gathering Fuerza Regida, one of the best types of the corridos tumbados development. In a Fotos Video de chuy montana asesinado Twitter, you can see the second in which Ortiz hears Chuy Montana sing and, dazzled, chooses to enlist him for his mark Road Crowd Records. Short-term, the youthful vocalist musician went from being obscure to getting a record bargain and a potential chance to record his most memorable expert collection.

Subtleties of the homicide of Chuy Montana

As per informal reports, Chuy Montana was going in his truck on the beautiful roadway between Playas de Rosarito and Tijuana around 5:30 pm on Wednesday, February 7, when he was captured by a few outfitted people who effectively accepted him. to another vehicle. Sooner or later during his imprisonment he figured out how to escape from him, yet his detainers found him a couple of meters ahead and shot him over and over, causing his demise on the spot.

The artist’s inert body was found by drivers who were passing through the area and informed the specialists. He had various gunfire wounds to the chest and furthest points, and his hands were as yet cuffed, as found in photos spilled on interpersonal organizations. The area of the revelation is in an eradicated region, without observation cameras or onlookers, which convolutes the explanation of the rough occasions. Specialists and pastoral specialists are attempting to assemble signs about the culprits.

Hypothesis and examination about the case

The brutal demise of Jesús Cárdenas has released extreme movement on informal communities, where devotees and figures in the creative world express consternation and resentment. Among the speculations circling about the thought process in the wrongdoing, conceivable retribution by coordinated wrongdoing is referenced, because of the verses of their melodies that address drug dealing issues. Another hypothesis focuses to an individual fight or jealousy inside the serious universe of the Mexican local. An endeavored capturing with a deadly outcome is likewise recommended.

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