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About general informatiol General Write for Us Guest Post

The article briefly explains the required guidelines and protocol to be adhered to while attempting to post the General Write for Us Guest Post article.

Were you the one who dreamed of writing articles on the internet, and do you feel happy if you see your name at the top of the article after it is published on a creation platform? Our platform is the go-to place to fulfil all your dreams through our General Write for Us Guest Post articles. But every dream has to be supported with proper protocols and guidelines to make it a great success. And here in this article, we will discuss the guidelines in detail.

Introduction to our platform “”

We are the team that created the website with a clear goal in mind: to provide our General + Write for Us readers with exceptional content that keeps them informed about what is going on in the physical and digital worlds.

Our readers recognize our purpose, and it helps us create a broader and more diverse reader base for our platform.

Our high-quality content, as well as their topics are, 

  • Crypto news
  • Latest news
  • News highlights from around the world
  • Product reviews
  • Website reviews
  • Entertainment

General Write for Us writers Essential Responsibilities

In today’s digital world, where fake news and information abound, even unqualified people have a voice on every topic, accumulating phoney information. However, our platform resolved the issue by providing only the most authentic sources of information to our readers, and we expect the “Write for Us” + General guest post writers to maintain our platform’s image by providing highly knowledgeable and authentic sources of information to our readers; the topics can be of any interest, but they must be double-fact checked.

A person with strong writing skills can work with our team to publish an article; no prior experience is required to write these guest-post articles.

The choice of topics for Write for Us General article

As it is a general topic for guest post articles, the authors can select their topics from the range of simple theoretical arts to the Orion spacecraft. Else, they can go into some financial topics too, and here are some examples:

  • The operation of cryptocurrencies, their different types, and their current performance
  • Recent advancements and inventions in space technology
  • Newly emerging diseases and their prevention techniques
  • “Write for Us” + “General” Guest post contributors can also present inspiring or motivational content in an interesting and encouraging story. Not every time we feel encouraged and motivated; sometimes, we need an outside source to push ourselves; thus, the writers can choose some outstanding motivational stories or some sayings.
  • Entertainment news and updates
  • The recent arrival of games and their offer codes and ways to redeem those codes

Write for Us + General article Formatting and presentation rules

  • We are a team of people who respect every single person in this world, so kindly don’t pass on any derogatory information in the articles.
  • The authors should refrain from stealing anyone’s work and present the article with their 100% original works for the respective authors. Else, it may lead to strict rejection.
  • The Grammarly score of the Write for Us+ General article should be around 98 or above. If the authors get this score, eventually, the articles will be free of grammatical errors.
  • Every article should have the necessary titles, subheadings, descriptions, and conclusions.
  • The necessary quotes and sayings of the respected personalities can be used.
  • Using bullets or numbering is highly advisable, and add a small FAQ at the end.

“Write for Us” + General articles SEO guidelines

There are several ways to improve the SEO score and they are, 

  • For proper usage of the appropriate keywords in the article, the keywords must be highly related to the topic.
  • The use of required internal and external links has the power to increase the SEO score. But please don’t use illicit links as reference links.

General + “Write for Us” authors Benefits

Our website offers the most popular newsletter option, so our readers will receive regular updates directly to their email addresses. As a result, there is a good chance that they will read the guest poster’s works more than they got posted it on our platform.

As a result, the articles will attract more web impressions and good rankings.

How to submit the General “Write for Us” articles?

The guest post Writers can submit their completed articles to the Mail Address []. We request the writers send their completed works; don’t send any unfinished articles. 


We are also a team that follows professional ethics, so all the articles will undergo editing and modifications; thus, the writers should access their permits to edit their articles. And we also expect the General Write for Us Guest Post authors to follow their ethics by not reposting the same General Topics content on another platform. 

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