How to Choose the Perfect Hookah

A Guide to How to Choose the Perfect Hookah

When hookah was popularized in the U.S. about a decade ago, it instantly resonated with Americans. The idea piqued their interest, especially people in larger cities like Seattle and New York City. Hookah, also called shisha, provides them with insight into other cultures. Smoking hookah in places like Southeast Asia and the Middle East is part of cultural practices. Its acceptance in the U.S. opened us to learn, experience, and broaden our horizons. 

Aside from cultural aspects, smoking hookah also offers a social experience that’s second to none. The aromas and flavors that come together when smoking hookah provide a relaxing, fun time for everyone. This likely explains why hookah is popular with college students and young adults. Anyone, regardless of age, background, or location, however, can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flavorful inception of hookah into their world.

How to Choose a Hookah

Smoking shisha requires a hookah. The hookah includes a hose and a bowl. Choosing a hookah is not always easy because hundreds of options exist. 

Anyone can find a hookah that appeases them regardless of their preferences. The many options are nice, although can overwhelm some people. If you fit the latter category, this list is just for you. Ease the hookah purchase headaches using this information. 

Use this information to ease the headaches of hookah shopping while ensuring you walk away with a product that exceeds expectations.

How Will You Use the Hookah?

Are you a solo or social smoker, or maybe a hybrid mix? Will you transport the hookah to many different locations? Consider how you’ll use the hookah before making this investment. 

Knowing exactly how you prefer to smoke allows you to search for hookahs that meet those needs, narrowing down the choices so you aren’t wasting any time. For example, smokers who travel to hookah lounges friends’ houses, or other destinations may prefer the convenience offered by a portable hookah.

Design Considerations

Now that you know how you plan on using the hookah, it’s time to scour the shelf to find a design that catches your eye. Hookahs come in dozens of designs, from intricate artwork to unusual or sleek and modern styles. No matter what appeals to you, a hookah designed to accentuate your preferences is available. 

That is why you should take time to sort through the variety of hookahs and evaluate their styles, designs, and features before buying one. We all have preferences and can match to a product that meets them fairly easily by researching the options. Otherwise, you are doing yourself an injustice.

Hookah Material

The hookah material affects the way it smokes, the taste of the tobacco, its durability and appeal, and many other factors. The most popular hookah materials include copper, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum, although others exist. 

Before buying a hookah, learn about each type of material and how it influences smoking shisha. This information alleviates headaches and ensures you go home with the hookah best suited for your needs.

Bowl Type

Every hookah includes a bowl. The bowl is the place where users place their preferred tobacco. Bowl material and type is an important decision since it affects the flavor, aroma, and tobacco intensity.

Although bowls come in many different materials, clay, and silicone seem to be the most popular options. Each option retains heat wonderfully, allowing a smooth smoking session.   

Research the bowl types before purchasing. Friends and other hookah smokers can give you good advice about the different types of bowls and the smoking experience you can expect. Online reviews also provide useful information about the various bowl types.

Waterpipe Type

Every hookah includes an attached hose known as its waterpipe. The hose is the spot from which users draw tobacco smoke into their mouths. Hookah hoses come in various lengths and are made from different materials. The length and the material both affect the smoking experience, making research essential before spending your hard-earned money. 

Leather hoses are the traditional type used on hookahs. Leather is durable, strong, and long-lasting. It’s lightweight as well, further enhancing the hookah’s portability. Plus, it packs in the tobacco flavor, giving users a strong, flavorful draw.

Prefer something besides leather? Why not try a silicone hose instead? Although silicone is not as durable as leather hoses, it still delivers many features hookah smokers enjoy. Plus, it is easy to clean. 

Single-hose and multi-hose hookahs are available. Single-hose hookahs provide an easy smoking experience. Choose multi-hose hookah options if you are smoking socially with several people.

Cost Considerations

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and sure, it sounds cliche, although it is true. We all need money to pay our bills, and therefore, must monitor our extracurricular purchases. Don’t overspend on the cost of a hookah and ensure you set a budget before starting your search for a product.

Hookahs come in price ranges designed to accommodate every budget. 

Whether you can afford a little or a lot, there is no question that an amazing hookah is out there awaiting your purchase.

You can find affordably priced hookahs from reputable brands like Mya Hookahs if you search their catalogs or shelves. Why settle for less? Don’t forget that sales and coupons can lower the price of a hookah even more. Shop during sales events or use coupons to get the best deals.

The Bottom Line

There is much to know about hookahs before buying one. We’ve outlined the most critical information needed to ease your purchase headaches. There’s certainly no shortage of hookah options, which is nice to some people but overwhelming to others. Use the information above to alleviate some of the headaches associated with hookah shopping and walk away with a product you appreciate a little bit more. Welcome to the wonderful world of shisha, my friend.



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