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How To Get My Husband On My Side 34 has shared details of a comic novel getting popular among readers of the different regions on the internet.

A digital novel released last year is gaining popularity Worldwide with each passing day among online readers. Its 114 chapters have been released, and the audience is enjoying the plot of the story and its central characters, Izek, Ivan and Rudbeckia.

Its last chapter was released in January 2022, and readers are waiting for the next update on the story from the writer. To know everything about this novel, keep reading How To Get My Husband On My Side 34 till the end.

About How To Get My Husband On My Side Novel:

The first chapter of this comic novel was released in May 2021 and began with a marriage proposal for Ruby. The storyline of his book revolves around Rudbeckia and Knights from the north.

Her family members wanted her to get married to the nephew of the king to get state patronage. The first chapter of the novel depicts that she knows things from her past and is aware of the evil intentions of her family.

The writer has beautifully portrayed things going on Rudbeckia’s mind to protect herself from future dangers.

How To Get My Husband On My Side Chapter 34:

Though its 114th chapter has been released recently, chapter 34 is getting a lot of reviews from the audience. The way the writer has unfolded all the characters and plot in the story is appreciated by most readers.

Chapter 34 begins with a dialogue between Ivan and Izek where Ivan tries to talk about his wife’s involvement in some criminal offense. Ivan tries to tell Izek that he suspects his wife in the matter.

Ivan was convinced that Izek was not suspecting his wife directly, but he was not ruling out her family’s involvement.

How To Get My Husband On My Side 34:

The novel written by Cat and Spice has got more than a million views till now, and this will only increase with time. Most of the digital platforms have given a rating of 4.5 and above to this novel.

Its English translated version is available on many manga comic platforms, and people can read chapter 1 – 114 on it. The reader’s reviews will give insight into the storyline to the new audience.

Chapter 114 deals with Ruby as she pretends to be ill to the family and discloses the secret of her health to the visiting doctor. 

How To Get My Husband On My Side Chapter 34 also discusses the first gift given by Izek to Ruby, an heirloom  made from the heart of a rock cave dragon.

The doctor analyses this heirloom information to know more about Ruby’s health.

Final verdict:

This novel has captured the imagination of comic readers from all regions due to the availability of translated versions. The impending death of Rudbeckia at her husband’s hand has kept all the readers connected with this story.

Readers can share their thoughts on the effort made by Rudbeckia to protect herself from the duke family in the comment section of How To Get My Husband On My Side 34.

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