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Is Gina Livy Legit Online Website Reviews

The article explains everything related to the weight loss regime and answers Is Gina Livy Legit for buyers looking to purchase this program.

Are you looking for a weight loss program? Do you want to get rid of that stubborn fat that makes you feel under confident? If yes, we suggest you visit the website which we will talk about today. People from Canada look forward to various weight loss programs to include in their daily routine and shed that extra fat from their bodies. The website has various programs and diet charts, and we will try to collect every piece of information about Is Gina Livy Legit.

Is Gina Livy a qualified online e-commerce store?

Gina Livy is an online website that guides customers in their weight loss program. The website has various charts and different regimens according to body type, which can help people maintain a healthy body. Here are some of the points listed below about the website.

  • Domain registration period – as we can see, the domain period is 12th February 2016.
  • Trust value score- the weight loss regiment website has a trust score of 76 percent.
  • Reviews- we came across some positive Gina Livy Reviews.
  • Alexa rank checker- the Alexa rank stands at 2134454.
  • Plagiarism found- we cannot extract or point out false content just by looking through the website and the website seems legitimate.
  • Address original- the viewers have not found any address details present on the website’s page. 
  • Social media websites- social media websites are present that answer the website’s whereabouts.
  • Unrealistic discounts- no unrealistic discounts are provided on the weight loss program.
  • Owner’s information – the owner’s details are provided on the website and she provides the weight loss program.

Information of Is Gina Livy Legit

Gina Livy words help people who are planning to lose weight healthily mentally and physically. The program offered is affordable and sustainable; with it, there is fun included. The weight loss program works effectively and comprehensively and helps people achieve their goals sustainably through proper diet and staying in constant touch with the coach. The website is known for its vast categories of weight loss programs.

Features of the website

  • Domain- the website was registered on 12/02/2016.
  • URL-
  • Social media- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links are provided that answer Is Gina Livy Legit
  • Category – weight loss program for all body types.
  • Email-
  • Address- the owner does not mention address details.
  • Return policies- the online website has nothing about returns.
  • Refunds policies- refunds are not allowed as the programs are purchased online.
  • Payment accepted – payments can be made through credit cards or other available options.
  • Shipping and Delivery policies- there is nothing related to shipping as the website do not sell any products.

Positive points of Gina Livy’s website

  • The website provides various weight loss programs that help shed weight.
  • With the exercise routine, also gets a list of proper diet charts.

 Negative points based on Gina Livy Reviews

  • The website has received an average trust score from the customers; we are not sure why.
  • We also have no details of the address related to the website. There are no reviews mentioned on the internet about the website.
  • Some of the testimonies on the website reflect positive reviews, but we are not sure about their authenticity.

Customer Reviews 

As of the reviews, many people have responded positively to this online website and revealed that they have met their goals and got the body shape they longed for. Their response to Is Gina Livy Legit is on the positive side, but we cannot go by the testimonies on the website and require positive reviews on the internet as well. If we come across any such reviews, we will mention them in this post.

People who want to know more about weight loss programs can find them here and if interested, choose the ones that are best suited for your body type. We also request the people read How to Get a Refund on PayPal


We can say that these kinds of websites should not be trusted unless we get a total thumbs up from people worldwide. We cannot answer Is Gina Livy Legit as the website seems suspicious, and the trust value shows an average score. Have you purchased the weight loss program from this website? If yes, comment below and read How to Get a Full Refund on a Credit card.

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