Is Greenhead Lobster Legit {Aug 2022} Check The Reviews!

Greenhead Lobster Online website Reviews

This article on Is Greenhead Lobster Legit offers further details regarding the online vendor of lobster. Keep reading more and grab the details.

Have you shopped from the best online lobster company yet? If not, then what are you waiting for? An online store popularly known as Greenhead Lobster is getting popular in the United States. They sell fresh lobsters at a significantly discounted price.

But before you start filling your shopping cart, we will take a moment to determine Is Greenhead Lobster Legit. It is imperative for us to check its legitimacy before asking you to shop from there. So, keep reading this article for all the details about this online store.

Is this lobster store authentic?

Greenhead Lobster is one of the best online stores for lobsters. They also provide great lobster recipes on their homepage. They are widely known for their supply of fresh lobsters.

However, we will still examine all the internal factors related to the legitimacy of the website to be sure that it is safe for you to shop from there. We checked Greenhead Lobster Reviews to ensure the authenticity of the website. Please take a moment and go through all the data carefully.

  • Domain Enrollment: The online store of Greenhead Lobster was launched on June 29, 2006. It means that the store has been in the market for a while.
  • Trust Value: The store has a whooping trust index of 80%, which is lovely. However, seeing the time it has been in the market, the score is average, but we still could trust the website.
  • Alexa Rank: It has an average ranking.
  • Customer Reactions: We examined their homepage, and other online portals to check Is Greenhead Lobster Legit, and the feedbacks we found there were great.
  • Web Registrar: Greenhead Lobster’s online store was registered through, LLC.
  • Social Media Activity: The Greenhead Lobster has a social media presence where they regularly post some relevant information.
  • Customer Regulations: The official homepage of Greenhead Lobster does not provide any information about their customer policies, including the shipping and refund policy.
  • Information Not Found: The website does not provide information about its administrative procedures.
  • Client Security: Their official webpage is equipped with HTTPS protocol and provides safety from forgery. However, this safety measure is not the best.

Regarding Is Greenhead Lobster Legit 

One of the top internet retailers for lobsters is Greenhead Lobster. On their homepage, they also offer fantastic recipes for lobster. They have a reputation for having an abundance of fresh lobsters. Some of the top products listed on their homepage are:

  • Live Lobsters
  • Pack of Frozen Lobster Tails
  • Knuckle and Claw Meat
  • Sea Scallops
  • Split Tails

Features of Greenhead Lobster

  • Buy a combo of Lobster Tails & Scallops from
  • Email address:
  • Company Address: 38 Ocean Street, Post Office Box 670, Stonington, Maine-04681.
  • Contact No.: They can be contacted at 888 756 2783.
  • User Reviews: As given above in the Is Greenhead Lobster Legit section, their social media account and other online portals share some great reviews for the website.
  • Return Policy: No such policy is mentioned on their website.
  • Shipping Policy: It is not given on their homepage.
  • Payment Options: PayPal and Credit Cards are accepted.

Positive Highlights

  • Their social media account is accessible and offers pertinent information.
  • Their homepage shares the owner’s details.

Unfavorable Highlights

  • Their website does not specify a customer policy.
  • Their website does not offer any user reviews.

Greenhead Lobster Reviews

Greenhead Lobster is an online retailer of fresh lobsters and its mouth-watering recipe. We searched their website for reviews and ratings from past clients, but none were found. On the other hand, Greenhead Lobster’s social media account and other websites received favorable comments and ratings. We could suggest that you shop there given the positive consumer feedback on their social media. Visit this website if you are interested in learning more about PayPal Scamming.

It has a respectable Alexa rating and a decent trust score. It has been around for almost 15 years, which is a considerable amount of time. 

Final Summary

We could advise using the website for shopping based on the information we have since it seems that the answer to the question Is Greenhead Lobster Legit may be “yes.” Therefore, we might suggest to our readers to buy products from this firm. Visit the above website to learn more about credit card fraud. Please tap here for additional details about the leading brands of lobsters

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