Is Hihigoo Scam {Aug 2022} Read Informative Reviews!

Hihigoo Online website Reviews

The below write-up is written factually and deeply discusses all the aspects related to the question of, Is Hihigoo Scam or not.  

Are you a bag lover? Do you love to get fashionable purses? Do you want to carry them flawlessly? We have collected all the necessary information regarding your interest in this write-up. This article will provide knowledge Worldwide about a website that sells a vital variety of purses. 

Before getting into any suggestions regarding the quality or quantity it produces. So, let’s look into this question: Is Hihigoo Scam? There is factual information that will help us determine the website’s legitimacy. 

Is genuine or a Scam Websitre? 

  • Domain creation date: It is not an old website; the age is just 4 months, as it was created on 14th March 2022. 
  • Domain Expiry Details: Generally, the website will expire after completing one year and 14th March 2023. 
  • Admin details: No detail is available on the internet or on the official website to be fetched about the admin other than his name 蔺隆庆 (Lin Longqing). 
  • Hihigoo Reviews: The website is new and growing. So, we are unable to find accurate reviews regarding the website.
  • Trust Score: The website is performing well is 80 out of 100. 
  • Website Popularity: Global rank for is 2,014,859. The speed of the website seems low. 
  • Trust Index: The trust index for the website is 60 on a scale of 100. 
  • Deny list status: No blacklisting is found on reliable websites. 
  • HTTPS security: The HTTPS protocol was found. Be careful because it may not necessarily imply safety. 

About and determining Is Hihigoo Scam. 

It is important to know the basics of any website you will use. The talked website in the article is an online portal that claims to sell all types of purses. This website is a newly emerged portal and is being operated with precautions. There is various curiosity about the website so let us look into the specifications for further information. 

Specifications for the portal:

  • Domain URL: 
  • Email Address:
  • Phoning Number: Not Available. 
  • Quarter Address: No field address is found. 
  • Delivery and Shipping: To check if that Is Hihigoo Scam or not? Let’s look into shipping that took place within 1 to 3 days of ordering, and delivery is done after the assurance of the product quality. 
  • Shipping Price: There’s a free delivery option.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Visa, Master Card and Union Pay. 
  • Social Media connection: The website offers Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Refund and Return Policy: Within 14 days of receiving a customer can file a return, and refunded money will be credited to the customer’s account within some days. 
  • Customer support: An email is provided to hear the customer’s request.

Pros to see: Is Hihigoo Scam or genuine? 

  • Validity of the SSL certificate.
  • DNSFilter deems this website to be secure.
  • Website discovered no virus or phishing websites.
  • Presence of 14-days return policy.

Cons to see Is genuine? 

  • The used email address is unrestricted.
  • There aren’t many people visiting this webpage.
  • The website is hosted in a high-risk nation, and we found a lot of low-rated web pages on the same server.
  • The website just recently registered this website.
  • There is no field office address listed on the website.
  • There are no phone numbers listed on the website.

Let’s now check the customer’s feedback in detail.

What are Hihigoo Reviews? 

Reviews are the essential scripts when anyone checks reliability. Similarly, this article has tried a proper review based on ratings about Unfortunately, the research was unable to find any reviews in this regard. The unavailability of reviews can be due to the current status of the website, which is new. 

Otherwise, there are some complaints by customers on several sites that say the delivery process is disappointing. If you got scammed, know-how get refunded money on a credit card by clicking here– 

The Last Words

Wrapping up the written article dedicated to the question Is Hihigoo Scamwe would like to tell our readers that these above-discussed details are enough to find the website suspicious and doubtful. To buy the best quality purse at a reasonable price, click here. This article will recommend that if you are concerned about your pocket, then be careful while shopping online.   

Would you like to share your opinions? Please comment below. Further, click here to get your PayPal scammed money backIf you ever got scammed.

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