Is Kopykicks Shop Scam or Legit {July 2023} Get Reviews!

Kopykicks Shop Online Website Reviews

Whether it Is Kopykicks Shop Scam or Legit is informed through this post to let online viewers learn about the certainty of a sneakers-selling online shop.

Are you searching for reliable footwear? Are the kicks of the ball in the games hurting your toes? What made you opt for KopyKicks’ shop? When many alternatives are open to getting footwear and other related products, online buyers across the United States and certain other areas are often confused. 

Buyers fail to comprehend the online shop’s legitimacy and get cheated by many fraud sites. Therefore, look through our analysis of this and explore if it Is Kopykicks Shop Scam or Legit.

Is Kopykicks Shop Legit or a Scam?

When a buyer learns concerning the platform’s trust and validity credits, their decision to get footwear or certain other items accessible online becomes additionally easy. Here are some credits and scores of KopyKicks’ online shopping site for footwear to support your decision to believe this online shop or avoid it to prevent scams or fake dealing.

  • This website ranks 42.7/100, making it controversial and questionable
  • Credit trust scores- 82/100
  • Kopykicks Shop Reviews are unobtainable. Therefore, determining its legitimacy is crucial for potential buyers and online users.
  • Payment modes accessible- Venmo, Visa, Shop Pay, PayPal, Master Card, G Pay, Meta Pay, Discover, Diners Club, Apple Pay, and Amex
  • This online sneakers shop designs no social media channels or profiles.

What is KopyKicks?

KopyKicks, an online network or shop, sells high-quality sneakers and claim to expand its catalog. It also promises potential shoppers to pick from its massive sneakers range. However, just fourteen sneakers pairs are currently available in its online shop. 

So, getting products from a brand with limited sneakers supply indicates it is a freshly created firm. Checking if it Is Kopykicks Shop Scam or Legit will help you understand better if this online sneaker shop is worth dealing with. 

Also, check if it needs an extended period to establish its e-commerce platform. The site also notifies customers to reach them through any of their social media accounts, which are unavailable. 

Specifications of KopyKicks shop:

  • Domain registry name-
  • Domain registry date- June 18, 2023
  • Domain updates date- July 24, 2023
  • Domain termination date- June 18, 2024
  • Delivery time- Two to three weeks
  • Shipping place- Warehouse from the Chinese region
  • Returns- Product returns are available only when there’s an issue with the product. Else KopyKicks’ online shop doesn’t provide a return option for the product bought from its portal. However, another webpage mentions about thirty days returns, making it complex and confusing for online buyers to understand whether they could return the product.

Hence, knowing about the platform’s validity and analyzing if it Is Kopykicks Shop Scam or Legit will prove the worth of the online sneakers shop.

Pros of Kopy Kicks’ shop:

  • The platform offers free delivery waive-off on purchases over 200 USD.
  • High-quality sneakers range available on its network.
  • Exclusive sneakers addition is available with discounted rates.

Cons of Kopy Kicks’ shop:

  • Return policy needs to be clarified since it mentions no returns on one web page while another provides off of thirty days returns.
  • Sneakers available on the platform are pricey.
  • Only 12 pairs of sneakers are available.

Kopykicks Shop Reviews:

With limited supply and other flaws, Kopy Kicks’ online shop has no genuine remarks or shopper testimonials. Besides, no user has highlighted positive or negative factors of this online sneakers-selling platform. So, get additional insight into this online shop and prefer it cautiously since low-quality sneakers may create discomfort or cause pain in your toes and feet.

Besides, checking the platform’s worth through customers’ feedback is the most important way to check the online shops’ or the worth of e-commerce platforms. Also, check usability scores and reviews after customers receive the product to determine this sneakers shop’s worth. 

Consequently, inspect search engines to decide if it Is Kopykicks Shop Scam or Legit. Are you Scammed Online? Take Action

Social media links:

Links are unavailable. Also, this platform still needs social media links for its accounts to reach the team.


Kopy Kicks, an online sneakers shop, has yet to validate its worth online. Consequently, look for honest and upright online shops to prevent scams. Check here if you are a Victim of Credit Card Fraud. 

Did you buy sneakers from Kopy Kicks’ online shop? Write details of your dealing experience in the section below.

Is Kopykicks Shop Scam or Legit: FAQs

Q1. What is KopyKicks?

An online shop

Q2. What does Kopy Kicks’ platform deal with?


Q3. Are discounts available on Kopy Kicks’ platform?


Q4. How to get free delivery of Kopy Kicks’ products?

By buying sneakers for more than 200 USD

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