Is Maddle Paddle Board Legit {July 2022} Read Reviews!

Maddle Paddle Board Online Website Reviews

Please scroll down the article to find out more details about the given portal and determine whether it Is Maddle Paddle Board Legit.  

Do you love surfing or any other water Adventure Sports? There are so many water activities, such as surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, etc. On the Maddleboards website, there is a wide range of paddle boards. People who like paddle boarding can try boards from this website. A good choice of boards gives you style and the confidence to do anything. 

This shop is famous in Canada. As much as the good deals it offers, people are curious to know whether: Is Maddle Paddle Board Legit or not before they invest their money. Let’s find out. 

Is Maddle Paddle Board Legit

Is Maddle Board a trustworthy website?

  • Domain registration date- The portal was registered on 28th May 2021.
  • Expiration date – The domain expired nearly two months ago, on 28th May 2022.
  • Trust score- An average score of 60% is given as a trust score. 
  • Owner’s information – No details about the owner has found on the website. 
  • Website’s blacklist status – Any blacklist engines haven’t detected it. 
  • Social media handles – Maddle’s website has social media handles on Instagram and Facebook, which will help a lot with marketing. 
  • Maddle Paddle Board Reviews– It has reviews on the main page and on other reviewing websites.
  • Trust index score – It has received 100 out of 100 points in the trust index. 
  • Proximity to suspicious websites – 6/100 is the point to proximity to suspicious websites. 
  • Malware and Spam score – Malware is four, and spam score is 0 out of 100. 
  • Phishing &Threat score – Phishing is two, and the threat is 4 out of 100.
  • Data safety – HTTP protects the data. 
  • Website popularity – Despite good trust and other scores, the ranking of Paddleboard is still not good at 911268.

Therefore, we cannot confirm Is Maddle Paddle Board Legit or not. Let us discuss further the specific details and reviews to find out. 

All details of the website:

Paddleboards have a total of 30 board’s collection of different designs. Not only boards but all the whole kit is available, so you don’t have to shop from somewhere else, such as:

  • Electric pump battery 
  • Cleaning kit
  • Dry bag 
  • Small cooler 
  • Waterproof phone pouch 
  • Maddle insulated bottle 
  • Paddleboard anchor etc. 

Specific details about the website 

  • Domain URL –
  • Domain name –
  • Physical Address – 4.101, Montréal, 1751 Rue Richardson, QC H3K 1G6
  • Contact number – 1-888-8-MADDLE; it’s not legit hence raises a doubt Is Maddle Paddle Board Legit.
  • Email ID –
  • Return and refund – Buyers can return products within 30 days of receipt. 
  • Free shipping – Free shipping option is available on the website. 
  • Cost Price – It is different in every country. 
  • Sort and filter options – You can sort and filter products. 
  • Shipping Policy – The goods get dispatched from 1 to 5 days from the warehouse.
  • Guarantee and warranty – 2 years warranty is given on the boards. 
  • Payment modes – There are many payment options available, like PayPal, Apple pay, Amex, Visa, Google pay, Paybright, etc. 

Advantages of the website to confirm whether Is Maddle Paddle Board Legit or not! 

  • Presence of mixed reviews on others as well as the official website. 
  • HTTP ensures data protection. 
  • All the information and details are mentioned on the website. 
  • A variety of boards are found at affordable prices. 
  • Presence of the website on social media.
  • No search engine has detected it as bllacklisted. 

Disadvantages of the website 

  • The contact information mentioned on the website is not legit. 
  • Owner identity is kept hidden. 

There are mixed numbers of pros to the website. So we need to get into detailed reviews to get a clear picture. 

What are Maddle Paddle Board Reviews?

We have found many reviews of the website to judge its legitimacy. Many people have loved the boards so much, but others do not seem to like the quality or price too much. Hence mixed reviews are present. 

We can give you a heads-up for the purchase, but you need to know everything regarding the brand. You can click here to beware of Credit card scamming. 

Bottom line 

According to our research. The website does seem legit and trustworthy. We do recommend this site to the customers. As per the question asked, Is Maddle Paddle Board Legit or not! We still suggest the customers check all the details. .

Therefore, if you want to know more about the website, click on the link. What are your views of this portal? Please comment. Also, click here to learn tricks and tips to safeguard yourself against PayPal scams. 

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