Is Mybox247 a Scam {June 2021} Read The Full Review!

Is Mybox247 a Scam 2021

Is Mybox247 a Scam {June 2021} Read The Full Review! >> Read the content, to know about the cosmetic container available online.

Are you fond of keeping your cosmetics nearby you every time anywhere you go? If your answer is yes, then the reviewed website will surely help you overcome this thought in your mind. People in the United States often buy new stuff for their cosmetic lifestyle. And today’s website will also make sure that you could easily carry your stuff without any hesitation.

We need to answer to Is Mybox247 A Scam or not in today’s website review. 

Is the website Legit?

To decide the legitimacy of any website, we are here to help you by providing you the knowledge for the same so that you must not fall into any fraud while using a fake website whose motive is to take over your money.  There are some points written in the following which will help you to justify that if this website is legit or a scam.

  • When we talk about the registration date, this website was registered successfully on 20 April 2021.  
  • The research made by our sources for this website tells us that this website has got less than 50% of votes in a trustworthy ratio. 
  • Mybox247 Reviews were not found anywhere on the web.  
  • And we also got a 0% popularity rate for this website as there are no visitors who visit this website. 
  • When we need to check the suspiciousness of this website, it has only scored 21% out of 100. 
  • Threat profile on this website us been given the words 30% out of 100.   
  • The threat of sharing our personal data by this website is 26% out of 100.   
  • The trust score is given to justify Is Mybox247 A Scam is only 6% out of 100.  
  • Lack of social media is also a negative sign. 

As the legitimacy points for this website mentioned above helps us to know and answer that this website is a scam, we need to be more cautious while making any purchase from this website. 

What is Mybox247?

And when we talk about cosmetic bags container, this website has some of the most attractive items for the same as every product on this website has the equal cost of $36.82. Every product of this site is highly beautiful and is of good quality.

 Is Mybox247 A Scam? Yes, as we could easily see that every product has been given five stars with no customer reviews. This is an offense done to misguide the customer and make them fall for buying this product.  But to keep you safe from this website, the specifications, pros and cons will give you a clear look at the legitimacy of the safe side. 


  • is the direct URL link to open your doors for this website.
  • Every product will be delivered within 6 to 9 working days. 
  • Is Mybox247 A Scam can be written based on stars given to every product.
  • Any delivery cost is not charged for any product on this website.   
  • The refund and replacement will be placed within 3 to 5 days.   
  • The payment option given to us by this website is only PayPal. 

It is very obvious for people to fall in a trap of scam site while paying through PayPal, check this to protect yourself. 

Pros of Mybox247

  • A verified SSL check certificate was there.
  • Facilities like money back and friendly payment options are available on this website.

Cons for Mybox247

  • With the help of WHOIS, we found that the identity of the owner was hidden.  
  • This is a young store in the online market. 

What are Mybox247 Reviews? 

Well, it is time to check if feedback given by the people, it depends on both the reviews and the number of stars given to every product. If the products are given five stars without any reviews, we can classify that by saying it is a fraud to manipulate the customers. 

So, it could be said that we must use another website for making purchases rather than this website which is selling useful cosmetic bags  but don’t know if you will receive it or not. 

If you have faced any fraud through credit card, please read the information to help yourself. 


 Is Mybox247 A Scam? Yes. This is because it uses fake stars to manipulate the customers. Also, our analysis states that all the information gathered about the website gives an indication of a scam site. 

 If you find this website review helpful, then please give your feedback below in the comments section. 

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