Is Nick Scali Belrose Legit {Aug 2022} Read Fair Reviews

Nick Scali Belrose Online website Reviews

The article discusses the essential matters of and also finds out the answer Is Nick Scali Belrose Legit or not.

Are you in search of buying good home products? Do you want affordable products like a dining table, coffee table, and mattress? There is an online store that offers these products. The name of the shop is

Its online store belongs to Australia. Many people want to know about the shop and its legitimacy. We must find its essential points by discussing Is Nick Scali Belrose Legit or a scam? 

Let’s find out its essential factors.

  • Security Measure: The website has proper HTTPS security. But that doesn’t ensure the security protocols.
  • Owner Verification: As per the “Whois” search, data about the domain’s owner has been detected.
  • The popularity of the Online Store: The checkout says the website is famous among buyers. The global rank is 216989. 
  • Protocols of Social media: Social media pages are available on the official page. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn page icons are there on the bottom side of the website.
  • Trust Score: Our finding says the website has an excellent trust ratio. It is around 86 out of 100.
  • Customer’s Reviews: Check Nick Scali Belrose Reviews, but don’t find any customer reviews on the website. 
  • Date of Domain: We don’t find any domain data. 
  • Expiry Date– Research couldn’t find any expiry date on the website. 

We try to check out all possible matters and legitimacy metrics of the website. But it is not completed due to some technical reasons. We also don’t find the other legitimacy metrics such as popularity, scam score, phishing and threat score of the website. 

To check out its legitimacy part, we need to find out other matters of the website and check other legitimacy portions.

Now we need to know about and try to find out Is Nick Scali Belrose Legit or not? 

The online store provides various featured products such as beds, armchairs, dining tables, bed frames, side tables, television and other entertainment products. The online store claims quality assurance and great prices. But to find the legitimacy, we need to check the website’s specific details.

Features of the Online Store

  • Postal Address– The website has provided many offline showroom addresses.
  • Web Address–
  • Contact Information– Toll-free number is 1300 220 809.
  • Official Email Id– Official email is not provided.
  • Charge of Delivery– The various tasks are mentioned on the website.
  • Customer’s Desk– The customer support page is not on the website. It raises Is Nick Scali Belrose Legit or a scam?
  • Return Protocols– Australian Consumer Law maintains a return policy.
  • Refund Methods– The refund policy applies to the country’s consumer law.
  • Payment methods– Not available.
  • Delivery Norms– Shipping protocols are conditional.


  1. The website offers various designable products.
  2. Return and refund protocols abide by the consumer’s law.
  3. Trust score is impressive.
  4. The online store has many offline stores, which is a good sign.
  5. Social media icons prove their popularity.
  6. The website offers an affordable rate for all the products.

Cons as per the Nick Scali Belrose Reviews

  1. We don’t find any official Email id of the firm.
  2. The domain date and expiry date of the domain are missing.
  3. Payment methods are not mentioned on the website.
  4. The shipping policy is conditional, and some are chargeable.

According to the research, the online store has many negative and positive aspects. But as per the legitimacy checking part, we find some areas confirm the legit role, but some do not. 

For this reason, other reviews part of the online store to check the matter- Is Nick Scali Belrose Legit or not?

Buyer’s reviews

As per our check, we don’t find any consumer feedback on the official page of the website. Therefore, we need to check the other validated webpage to see the reviews. We found 33 reviews, and from this, we get that 85 percent of customers are given nasty remarks about the online store—9 percent of people have given the excellent mark. 

Maximum customers are not happy with the service with the store. However, you can also read – The Refund Protocols of Credit Card Scam. 


We can say the website has some limited data, as per our finding protocols for the online store. So, we can say “No” as the final solution for: Is Nick Scali Belrose Legit? Therefore, our suggestion is to check another legitimate online store with good details and an accurate report.

Have you kindly listed your opinions about the online store? Please comment on the opinion section. Also, check The Refund Methods of Your Money from the PayPal Scam!

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