Is Oilbold Scam Or Legit {July} Check Full Reviews!

Oilbold online website reviews

Is Oilbold Scam or Legit? The readers must acquire the answer to this interpretation from this post. Kindly read it here.

Do you want to shop from the Oilbold Shop? What products are available here? You can clarify all your doubts by reviewing this post. This shop got more hype in the United States, so the customers are demanding more details. But, Is Oilbold Scam or Legit? This page highlights the key points that must be discussed with the shoppers of the Oilbold shop to know if the site is legit or not. So, kindly spare some time here to know all the factors of its legitimacy. 

The Transparency Of The Oilbold Store! 

  • Malware Score: An 88 percent malware score has been reported on the Oilbold Store. 
  • Phishing Score: The store has a 33 percent of phishing score.
  • Registration Date: June 7, 2023, is the discovery date of the Oilbold store. The domain looks newly found.
  • Trust Index: The Oilbold shop has a trust index of only 1.7 percent. The store seems to be the least trustworthy.
  • Shopper’s Views: No Oilbold Reviews are gathered on the online sites. The official store is also lagging in feedback.
  • Social Media: The connections with social networks appear to be zero. 
  • Data Safety: The store enables the HTTPS server to safeguard the credentials of the users.
  • Missed Facts: The company’s address and telephone number are not shown.

Overview of the Oilbold Store!

Oilbold Store got a variety of men’s shirts and dresses for women. The collection is available at a budget-friendly price.

  • Hawaiian Shirt
  • Leaf Printed Shirts
  • Mini Dress
  • Midi Dress
  • Shoes
  • Wrap Skirt

Specifications, as examined in Is Oilbold Scam or Legit

  • URL:
  • Email Address:
  • Location Details: The details remain missing.
  • Phone Number: It is missing.
  • The customer testimonials are missing from the online or official store.
  • Exchange Policy: One can exchange and refund within fourteen days. After that exchanges will be accepted within thirty days.
  • Shipment Policy: The orders will be shipped within one to five business days.
  • Payment Modes: They remain unknown.

Positive Points

  • The email address of Oilbold is available.

Negative Points

  • The customer testimonials seem absent.
  • The payment modes are missing. 
  • They have not mentioned the contact number and address.
  • Networks on social platforms are absent.

Oilbold Reviews

We have examined the facts related to the Oilbold store. The store does not mention the crucial details on their payment modes and other contact details except by email. They do not have any testimonials on their collection which made this store more dubious. Even no online review site has established any feedback making everyone more dubious. The social media pages are also absent. Thus, most of the factors suggest that the site is lagging in fulfilling the authenticity criteria. Hence, we cannot say if this is a genuine domain to shop. So, Is Oilbold Scam or Legit? You need to understand the facts that can be crucial to deal with the hacks by PayPal Scammers.

Final Verdict 

Wrapping up this post, our team has mentioned all the necessary details on the Oilbold store. The store was enrolled around one and a half months ago. The index of trust is not at all appropriate. Thus, it cannot be called an authentic store. Shoppers should go through the facts to prevent Credit Card Scamming. You must read the facts related to Shirts here. 

Would you like to share your ideas on ways to find a legit online site? Kindly write on it in the comment box.

Is Oilbold Scam or Legit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the policy to exchange any item on Oilbold? 

Ans. Exchanges are valid for up to thirty days. Refunds are valid for 14 days.

Q2. Are the networks with social media available? 

Ans. No, the site does not have any networks on social media. It appears to be an unpopular store.

Q3. Did you get any opinions from the customers on the shop? 

Ans. We have not received any testimonials on any online or official portal of the Oilbold store.

Q4. What kind of payment methods are available in the shop?

Ans. They are deprived of the details of their payment modes.

Q5. Is Oilbold Scam or Legit?

Ans. It cannot be considered a legit place to shop because of poor trust marks and the continuity of the domain is short.

Q6. What is domain continuity? 

Ans. The domain was created one and a half months ago.

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