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This article will help readers to understand, Is Legit. And more information on the website.

Isn’t it amazing to wear clothes and get different massagers high in style and comfort? Do you want comfort and style in one go? People in the United States are getting an option through a website. is a website that is trending for comfortable shirts and reasonable prices. Also, they provide different pain reliever machines and daily managers for an adult. Let’s see more about this website and know Is Legit? Legit or bogus? 

  • Established on- 27/06/2022 (Less than a month old)
  • Terminating on- 27/06/2023 (Less than a year left)
  • Owner’s individuality- Partially identified and hidden with WHOIS.
  • Trust index- 1% has been scored on the ranking of 100, which is poor.
  • Trust Score- 6 has been scored out of 100, which is not a very trustable score.
  •  Legitimacy ranking- 1.3% has been fetched on the scale, which is a high suspicious rate.
  • The website’s popularity has gotten a zero, which is a poor score.
  • ReviewsAbsence of ratings and reviews on the official and other trusted websites.
  • Threat profile- 85 has been scored out of 100, which is a high threat rate.
  • Spam score- 85 has been scored out of 100, which is a high spam rate.
  • Malware score- 39 has been scored out of 100, which is a medium-high score.
  • Website Blocklist level- Not yet detected by any blocklist engine.
  • Social media appearance- Not found on any platform.
  • Security- Secured HTTPS protocol connection found.
  • Phishing score- 78 has been scored out of 100, which is a high score.

Quite possibly, the answer is “No” for: Is Legit? Let’s explore more to check its authenticity..

What Is Providing? is a website that provides comfortable, good quality and low prices for daily purposes and exercising. Moreover, they also provide a wide range of messages, including body massager, leg massager, head massager, therapy gun, neck, waist and back massager etc

They have some more personal care products on the list, which include some unique products such as a Car seat massager, hot stone massage set etc. Prices are quite attractive, but no reviews can question the quality. 

Is Legit? Specifications-

  • Website’s address-
  • Email ID-
  • Contact number- +12257720946
  • Address – 279 Boone Street, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516, the US
  • Product Cost- US Dollars.
  • Return and return policies- Return can be initiated within 30 days. The amount will be refunded within 7-8 days.
  • Payment methods- PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express, Shop pay, diners club, Google pay, Facebook pay.
  • Shipping policy- Free shipping is provided within the United States and Canada. Order will be delivered within 5-7 working days.
  • Tracking- Available.

After the complete analysis of Is Legit? The answer is No. We lack sources of the positives. 

Pros of the website-

  • The website has online shopping features.
  • It has a valid SSL certificate.
  • DNS has denoted it as a safe site.
  • It has secured payment methods.

Cons of the website-

  • The Owner’s identity is partially hidden with WHOIS.
  • Alexa ranking is low.
  • It is a low-traffic website.
  • This website contains other low-ranking websites.
  • The domain is too young.
  • The website has no reviews or ratings.
  • No trusted website reviewer site has any reviews regarding products.
  • The address and contact number are partially serviceable. Reviews- has no option to collect review data and ratings as well. Due to this, one cannot get any reviews from its official website. Other trusted websites that can give us an idea of the products and their legitimacy do not have any data yet. This lack of sources does not allow one to purchase products from them. 

Double-checking can help and guide one to make a good purchase. Your consciousness can save you from threats. Also, click here to protect yourself from PayPal scams.


Websites such as can impose the question Is Legit? And much more. Getting such answers on time can save one from cheating and scams. We do not recommend any blindfolding purchases, and asking for more inquiries before doing it is a good option.

Trusting such websites can land an individual into harmful situations that are impossible to resolve. Further, click here to purchase from a legitimate website. Also, click here to protect yourself from Credit Card fraud.

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