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Vinasone Online Website Reviews

The purpose of this article is to let people know about the online scam behind a new website and to answer the question of Is Vinasone Legit for you or not.

Do you have a long shopping list? Are you lacking time to check all the items on your shopping list? Nowadays, several online shopping portals aim to address this problem by serving different categories of products under a single website. So that you can save both your time and effort by avoiding the visits to different stores.

The United States-based Vinasone is also one such e-commerce website, and today we will look into the facts regarding Is Vinasone Legit to serve the customers?

Is Vinasone a Scam or Genuine?

To provide you with the genuine answers to all your doubts, we have gone through severe hard work, and as a result, we acquired the following data

  • Website’s Trust Score: The site holds a very poor trust score of just 1%
  • Owners’ Identity: There is no information available
  • Modes of Transactions: PayPal is the only available method of payment
  • Website’s Age: 2 months old
  • Address Legality: The address is seen on the Google Maps
  • Contact Details: Both email id and phone number are found for contact
  • Vinasone Reviews: No reviews are found for the website
  • Registration Data: 14-11-2021
  • Rank in Alexa: The website holds 3,695,168th rank
  • Plagiarism: The amount of plagiarism is no not deadly 
  • Clarity of Policies: needs more clarity
  • Existence on Social Media: No sign of the site on any social networking platform

So, it is clearly seen that the website holds no base to claim legitimacy.

What Is Vinasone?

This particular e-commerce website is pretty versatile and offers a wide range of products for its customers. The products found here are innovative and are available within an affordable price range. However, as per the answers of Is Vinasone Legit, you may face difficulty in browsing through the site as the products are not categorized properly.

The offerings of the website include roller skates, sleeping bags, pet foods, various kitchen tools, cat litter boxes, toys, helmets, chalks, electric stoves and many other items. 

Website Specifications

  • Choose Your Product from Here: 
  • Address: W343N6269 S Bayview Road, Oconomowoc, WI, 53066, US
  • Phone Number: 517-649-6358 
  • Email Address: 
  • Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST
  • Working Days: Monday to Friday
  • International Order: The website accepts orders from all over the world
  • Free Shipping: On orders above $100
  • Customers’ Reviews: There are no Vinasone Reviews from any buyer
  • Shipping Policy: The website’s policy offers only the standard mode shipping
  • Shipping Costs: Variable as per shipping address and order quantity
  • Return Policy: Eligible items with a purchase receipt can be returned
  • Return Period: 30 days from the day of purchase
  • Refund Details: The refund policy lacks clarity     
  • Exchange Policy: Only defective items are eligible for exchange
  • Order Cancellation Policy: There is no data regarding this matter
  • Return Charges: Return shipping costs are on the buyer
  • Payment Options: Payments are accepted only through PayPal
  • Social Media: The site has no official page on any social media platform

Are the Pros Enough to Answer Is Vinasone Legit?

  • 30 days return policy is available
  • A free shipping option is offered
  • A wide variety of innovative products are available
  • Worldwide delivery is available

What Are the Cons?

  • Exchange is available for the defective items only
  • The cancellation Policy is missing
  • Refund details are not clear
  • No review is found about the site
  • Singular mode of payment is accepted
  • Unknown popularity

Buyers’ Opinion About Vinasone

Every ne e-commerce site tries to build up a good reputation by acquiring as many good reviews as possible from its customers. But we were surprised to see that there is no such effort on the part of this website. Moreover, the answers of Is Vinasone Legit or not are hard to find due to the site’s absence on social media. Hence, we believe that learning the Methods To Get Money Back on Credit Card will be helpful.

Though the website holds an opportunity for the buyer to comment on the quality of the various products, including their pet food , no one has left any reviews there yet.

Final Words

Our research about the website’s legitimacy makes us conclude that the site has an overall negative impression, and there is no reason to trust it. So, if you get Scammed Online, Take Action against it without hesitation. You can also share your opinions regarding Is Vinasone Legit or not with us in the comments below.

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