Why Use a Kredittkort & How to Choose the Beste in Norge

Complete Information About Why Use a Kredittkort & How to Choose the Beste in Norge

People have developed a fear of credit cards, because they’ve been hearing a lot of horror stories of individuals getting into great debt with these financial instruments. I wish I could tell you that those horror stories are just, well, stories that don’t have any basis in reality, but that’s not the case. A lot of people have gotten into huge debts with credit cards, but that’s because they’ve been using them irresponsibly. And, remember, while everyone talks of those poor experiences, nobody has the need to talk about good ones. When you have it good, you rarely talk about it.

What does that precisely mean? Well, in short, it means that there are also people who benefit from using a kredittkort. They are just not as loud as the ones who have buried themselves in debt. That’s completely normal since complaints are often louder than compliments. The complaints in this case, though, while justified, don’t really have as much to do with credit cards per se, as they have with the people using them.

In different words, if you’re irresponsible with your kredittkort, you’re highly likely to get into debt and then start complaining. If, however, you’re responsible with money and objective about your financial power, then you’ll have no issues with this instrument. In fact, you’ll benefit from it quite a lot if you know how to use it responsibly. Given all those horror stories, though, and given the existence of cash, you may be wondering why you should even think of using a kredittkort, and that’s a question that I’ll answer for you below.

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Why Use A Kredittkort?

We can all agree that the decision to use a credit card is not one that should be made on the spur of the moment. Making any kind of decision without knowing all the facts is not the wisest move. So, you shouldn’t get a kredittkort until you’re clear on why using it could be good for you. Well, that’s precisely what we’re here to find out. I’ve listed some of the important benefits below, so some careful reading will tell you what you need to know.

1. You Can Get One-Time Bonuses

New credit cards come with some great one-time bonuses. The idea of getting money practically out of nowhere, simply by applying for a kredittkort, is bound to be appealing to everyone. Sure, your prior credit score will influence the bonus amount, as it will influence the providers’ decisions to approve or reject your applications for certain credit cards. So, if you notice a card with a great bonus, you should check if you’re eligible for it, before wasting your time on applying. It will cost you nothing to apply, though, so trying won’t hurt you.

The above doesn’t mean that only some people will get approved for those bonuses. In fact, most kredittkort providers offer bonuses for new members. It’s the amount of the bonus that can vary from provider to provider, and in accordance with your credit score. So, you’re definitely in for a bonus, and it’s just a question of how big it will be.

You Can Get One-Time Bonuses

2. Cash Back Is A Thing

One reason why every single purchase you make should be on a kredittkort, including those talked about here, is the fact that cashback is a thing. Basically, this is a system that allows you to get a percentage of the money you spend back. When the concept first appeared, every single provider offered 1% back, but those offers have evolved today, and you can now find a higher percentage on certain cards. Anyhow, cashback is practically a system of saving while spending, and it’s no wonder that people find it so appealing.

3. And So Are Points And Rewards

Apart from cash back, you can expect your kredittkort providers to offer bonus points for specific types of spending categories, and those points can later be redeemed for various things. For instance, you can earn points when shopping for groceries or gasoline, and then you can redeem those for restaurant gift cards, traveling and more, depending on the rules of the card you’re using. No matter what the rewards are, though, they’ll certainly come quite in handy.

4. They Are Safer

Carrying around huge amounts of cash, especially when traveling, is extremely dangerous. In fact, it can be dangerous even in your hometown, given that muggings are still an issue in almost every part of the world. When you, however, take a kredittkort with you, instead of cash, you’ll feel much safer, knowing that you won’t lose all your money if something happens. And speaking of losing, you won’t be able to find the cash that you might have accidentally dropped somewhere, but you’ll be able to cancel your card and replace it if you lose it, which is another reason why they are safer.

5. They Are Accepted All Over The World

The fact that these are safer also makes them more convenient. That, however, is not the only reason why they are convenient. Carrying cash when traveling is not a good move, but you still need money to pay for stuff while traveling and upon reaching your destination. A kredittkort is a financial instrument that will be accepted all over the world, which is why we’re talking of convenience here. Sure, there could be some places in which these instruments won’t be accepted, but those are in the minority.

6. You Can Track Your Spending

Have you ever found yourself wondering where all your cash went? It’s basically impossible to track your spending habits if you’re using cash, unless you’re adamant to write down every single little thing you buy. Even if you decide to write everything down, though, you’re still bound to forget to do it a few times, which brings me back to my point. Tracking your spending habits while using cash is impossible. Tracking those while using a kredittkort is not only possible, but also pretty simple, since you won’t be writing anything down and all of your purchases will be listed in the reports for your convenience.

7. And You Get To Build Your Credit Score

Another significant reason why using a kredittkort is a wise move is because you get to build your credit score that way. If you wind up needing a loan in the future, your credit score will have a say in the quality of the loan, and in the actual success of getting approved for one. This is especially significant when applying for a mortgage. Remember, though, to use the card responsibly if you want to build a great score. Otherwise, you’ll create a poor score and you’ll have problems getting approved for any kind of a loan whatsoever.

How To Choose The Beste In Norge?

The above should have made things clearer on why using a kredittkort could be perfect for you. Finding the beste one in Norge is your next task, and you need to know how to complete it. There are a few crucial steps to take here, and I’ll now tell you about them.

1. Search For Providers Online

Thanks to the fact that technology is a huge part of our lives today, kredittkort providers can now be found online. Searching for them with the help of your browser will bring some great results. You’ll get familiar with those providers that operate in Norway and you’ll get to see their offers before even contacting them. This way, you’ll avoid contacting any of those that you don’t really like.

2. Check Interest Rates

When checking out the different offers, interest rates are not to be neglected. Every card comes with a specific rate, and you want it to be favorable for you. Comparing the rates will lead you towards identifying the most favorable kredittkort options, as well as to eliminating any too expensive ones from your list.

3. As Well As Other Fees

The interest rates are not the only factor to consider, though. There are other fees that the providers can charge, and you should be on alert for those as well. The fees, coupled with the interest rates, will tell you exactly how much a specific kredittkort costs, so to speak. This is a service that you’re paying for, and some costs are inevitable, but you can find those that are within reason.

4. Compare The Benefits & The Drawbacks

All of the kredittkort solutions you’ll find will come with certain benefits and with certain drawbacks. Those depend on the provider, and it is your task to check and compare both the advantages and the disadvantages if you really want to choose the beste credit card in Norge for you. Don’t hesitate to do as many comparisons as you think are necessary before making your ultimate decision, since you want to get the perfect solution for yourself.



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