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Gaming Tips Loka Token Price Prediction

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What is a Loka token? Is this a cryptocurrency or NFT? What is League of Kingdom Arena?

The crypto market is on a boom these days. People are exploring new ways of investing. Investors with deep knowledge must find crypto and NFT very interesting. Also, they would understand how this market will behave in the future.

All Worldwide investors want to learn about Loka Token Price Prediction.

What is Loka Token?

The Loka token is an NFT, or it is a gaming currency. NFT means non-fungible tokens that are based on blockchain technology. NFTs are non-tradable currencies. However, it can be transferred to another person. 

Loka NFT (token) is based on a game known as “League of Kingdom Arena.” It is a digital asset of the game. They have launched it recently. Players can exchange their NFTs. Therefore to swap your digital asset, players must take part in voting. The launchpad for loka is a binance smart chain. 

Read the article carefully and learn everything related to Loka Coin Price Prediction.

What is League of Kingdom Arena? 

This game’s basic strategy is MMO, which means “Massively multiplayer online.” So, this game can involve more than 10 to 20 players at a time. Players have to play against other teams to protect their kingdoms. 

The genre of this game is fighting and survival mode. Players can also elect their leaders, fight with others for hegemony, and expand their alliance and territory. To perform all these actions, they have blockchain support.

Players can acquire land through NFT real estate. Using digital asset technology ($ DST), they can also adopt the dragon named ‘Drago’ using digital asset technology ($ DST).        

Loka Token Price Prediction

The NFT Loka token is available on binance, and you can purchase it. The current price is $ 2.43. The lowest and highest price for the past 24 hours were $ 2.27 and $ 2.45, respectively. 

The token is ranked 535 on the coin market cap. More than 9000 people have this token on their watchlist.

Volume, Market Supply, and Other Details 

The circulating supply of loka tokens is 25100,000.00 LOKA. The maximum supply is 500,000,000. Thus, the circulating coins currently in the market are only 5% of the total coins allocated. The market cap of the token is $ 61,072,026.

Future Predictions

Let us talk about Loka Token Price Prediction. The game is very famous and has a loyal player base. So by considering all these, we can expect a steady rise in the future value of this token. However, we have to wait and watch how this token grows in the future. 


The Crypto economy is indeed a growing industry. Every other day, new crypto or NFT is launched in the market, and with this, the market has grown in size and profit figures. So, to conclude, we can say that NFT is a growing concept. To know more, visit this link here 

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