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The ‘Luis Rubiales Kiss Video‘ act caused a stir both in the football community and in Spanish society.

The act of kissing Luis Rubiales on the lips of the player Jenni Hermoso at the women’s World Cup medal ceremony has sparked a debate on feminism and gender equality in sports. The reaction of players, clubs, politicians and soccer officials has created a situation that not only casts doubt on the future of Luis Rubiales but also raises questions about the prospects for Spanish soccer.


In the world of Spanish football, a recent event has caused a strong reaction and shock both in the sports community and in society. The attack on feminism and the controversial event involving Luis Rubiales Kiss Video, the head of Spanish football, quickly became the center of attention and discussion. At the event, Luis Rubiales kissed the famous player Jenni Hermoso on the lips at the women’s World Cup medal ceremony on an emotional Sunday.

The event not only caused a stir within the Spanish football community but also spread internationally as players, clubs and even politicians joined the fray. It’s not just about a kiss, it’s about respect, gender equality and the impact of similar situations in a sports environment. Luis Rubiales Kiss Video‘ resignation after the event further complicated the case, creating a multifaceted controversy over leadership, equality and gender in sport.

In the next section, we will go into more detail about the event, the reactions of stakeholders, as well as the widespread effects of this attack on both the world of football and society.

Shocking events: Luis rubiales kiss video

Event Description: In a scene full of surprises and controversy, Luis Rubiales, the head of Spanish soccer, kissed the outstanding player Jenni Hermoso on the lips. The incident took place at the medal ceremony of the Women’s World Cup, an event of historical importance and which drew worldwide attention. This action took place on stage, after the national team match, when everything was focused on honoring the remarkable achievements of the players.

Initial response: The incident quickly sparked a remarkable wave of reactions from stakeholders in both the sporting and political worlds. Players and players, club representatives and politicians expressed surprise and protest against this action. This is not only an attack on Jenni Hermoso’s privacy, but also shows a lack of respect for women and gender in sports.

Initial reactions have marked frustration and discontent over the actions of Luis Rubiales. Players and club representatives have asked for more respect and sensitivity to the issue. Politicians and leaders of Spanish football have also expressed their discontent and have demanded responsible and appropriate actions.

This incident was not simply a personal act, but quickly turned into a widespread debate about leadership, gender respect and equality in the sporting environment.

Rubiales Resignation Challenge

Unimaginable response: Shortly after the incident came to light, Luis Rubiales generated an unlikely reaction by stating that he had no intention of resigning. This has surprised many people even more, when they expected a more responsible and rational action by the head of a large organization like the Spanish Football Federation.

Government response and Acting Minister: The incident quickly sparked discontent and outrage in the Spanish sports and social community. The government has vowed to take legal action to address the situation, especially after it has spread and sparked a debate on gender and equality.

Acting ministers and political officials were quick to speak, suggesting decisive action would be taken to ensure accountability and respect in football, while also making promises to implement measures to address the situation. This situation has put a lot of pressure on Luis Rubiales and the Spanish Football Federation, putting them in a position to demonstrate their ability to reliably manage and remedy the situation.

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