Mercenary Enrollment Ch 70 (Jan) Know About The Chapter!

Latest News Mercenary Enrollment Ch 70
Please go through this composition to learn about Mercenary Enrollment Ch 70, the latest episode of an online comic series belonging to the action genre.

Are you a fan of comics? Do you love exploring comic characters of various languages? Have you read the latest online comics? Do you have a fascination for the action genre? If yes, you will love to read this article as it satisfies your interest. 

In this write-up, we have covered facts about a recently launched online comic episode. Comic readers Worldwide are eagerly waiting to learn about this chapter and its events. Thus, please read further to get all details regarding Mercenary Enrollment Ch 70

What is Mercenary Enrollment?

Mercenary Enrollment is an online comic compilation whose creator is YC. It is in the Korean language and was launched on 6 November 2020. The online streaming first occurred in the Naver TV and was shortly published on Webtoons. 

The comic series is a kind of Manhwa, meaning cartoon comics in Korean. Mercenary Enrollment belongs to the genres of action, romance, drama, and school life. 

The popularity of this comic grew rapidly, leading to its official translation in several languages. Presently, the chapters of the subject comic, such as Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 70, are available in English, Chinese, Thai, French, etc.

What is the Plot of Mercenary Enrollment?

The storyline revolves around a young boy named Ijin Yu. He lost his parents at the tender age of eight years owing to a plane crash. After that, he was left alone in an unknown place. Thus, circumstances compelled him to become a juvenile mercenary as he had to survive. 

For those of you know who do not know what a mercenary is, we have stated its meaning here. Once you know the explanation, you will understand the Mercenary Enrollment Ch 70 better. A mercenary is a soldier who works for the military for financial reasons. He fights a war or conflict on the organization’s behalf but does not have any connection with that war. He solely does the tasks per the leaders’ instruction to get money in return. 

After ten years, Ijin returned to his native place in Korea and met his other family members. He has to rejoin high school as he has one year left to complete it. However, due to his past, he struggles to attain normalcy with everyone.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 70

The latest chapter of this comic is its seventieth one. This episode begins with the entry of Ijin Yu amidst a group of people. He is in a mask so that no one can recognize him. The others discuss who he is as no one has seen him before. 

This follows a fight sequence and has been picturized using cartoon images. The entire episode is filled with descriptive images that readers will enjoy.

The team shall release the Chapter 71 next week. The official portal also contains a countdown in the corresponding chapter’s link. 

Conclusion on Mercenary Enrollment Ch 70

The subject chapter is an interesting and thrilling episode. Readers, especially the youth, would enjoy the action-filled and nicely picturized chapter. Fans are also eagerly waiting for the next chapter’s release. You may also like to learn about Manhwa and its origin. 

Which is your favorite chapter in Mercenary Enrollment so far? Please share below.

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