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Please read the article on Scam to avoid fake activity with your account and get the details about this scam by considering the mentioned details.

Do you have any idea about this myfeed scam? This news will spread like fire among the users who are worried about it. The news has arisen in the United States, and peoples of the nation want to know all details about Scam.

So, in today’s discussion, we will explore its entire points to create awareness among people about this kind of fraud.


What about this scam?

Many peoples are getting messages in the context of and asking for the personal detail of users. But it is a fraudulent activity done by the frauds to cheat people. This is a scam because will never ask for your details directly.

How can you know whether it is a valid message from or not?

If you receive a message from, it will come within a short code of 73529.

Who can you contact if you receive Scam?

If you find any suspicious message from using, don’t share any personal information and don’t click on any link in the message. You can immediately visit your nearest TD bank or call the customer care number that is-1888-751-9000.

You can use TD fraud alert, available without any charges within all TD Credit Cards and TD Access Cards to avoid scams. Does the question arise of how you can identify Scam messages? From time to time, TD bank sends messages to its client about banking relationships, but it has a certain format that will help you avoid fraudulent messages.

Some pointers:

  • TD bank will not ask for its client credential details directly.
  • If you receive messages from, they will come from a specific code and within a reference number.
  • Within your feed you can see your entire messages on
  • If you get any irrelevant messages, including the name of, then you should immediately contact the bank or its customer care executive to avoid scams.

How can you avoid Scam?

To avoid this kind of scam, don’t click on the given link and don’t make a reply to the messages. Otherwise, your detail can be stolen by scammers. Even you can stop TD message services by sending STOP on 73529.


We have made an in-depth analysis of the viral topic Scam and mentioned all the fruitful information that will assist our readers in knowing about this fraud message service. Visit and learn more about its services.

Have you ever received suspicious TD messages? Tell us in comments.

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