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Omar Sachedina Wife is searched after the announcement that he will be the next chief anchor and senior editor at CTV. Know who she is.

Do you know who Omar Sachedina is? Want to know if he is married? Do you know who his wife is? Omar Sachedina is a notable Canadian tv journalist. 

Have you watched the news from anchor Lisa LaFlamme? Who is she? Lisa LaFlamme is now out from the CTV, and news of her replacement shocked everyone.

August 15, 2022, brings confusion and anger among media in Canada over the news of the departure of LaFlamme. Let us read the news in detail in Omar Sachedina Wife post.

Who is Lisa LaFlamme?

Lisa LaFlamme is a chief anchor and senior editor of CTV news. As per online sources, the long-time news anchor who has been in this post since 2011 and joined CTV’s affiliate CKCO in 1989 is forcibly removed, and Omar Sachedina will replace her.

From searching on his various media platform, we can say that he is not married yet. On Monday, it was announced in a press release by Bell Media that she is no more part and ending her contract. The decision is based on the “changing habits of viewers” and to take the program in a different direction.

Meanwhile, she was shocked and saddened by this decision and posted an emotional video on Twitter.

Is Omar Sachedina Married? Who is his wife?

Omar Sachedina was born in Vancouver and raised in a Muslim family who emigrated from Uganda. Surprisingly he has not talked about his marriage, neither he shared any post about his married life in public or on social media.

From searching on his various online platform, we can say that he is not married yet. However, there is also a chance he does not want to share his personal life information in public, which is why he has kept it secret. Therefore, without official confirmation from him or Omar Sachedina Wife, we can assume he is single.

What has Lisa said in a video message?

The release of Lisa suddenly raised many questions on CTV. In the video, she said she knew about this in June but was asked to keep it confidential.

Moreover, she has talked about her 35 years of experience with the media and how she took responsibility as a reporter and anchor and never failed to deliver the fact.

Meanwhile, after breaking the news of her exit, many are speechless, showing anger and saying you deserve better.

Who is Omar Sachedina?

Omar Sachedina Wife is not there, and he seems to be single till now. He will be a senior editor at CTV National News from September 5, 2022. Omar is currently an affairs correspondent with the CTV news and has been working here since 2008. He has covered much significant news from the world in his 15 years of reporting experience.

Note: whatever we have mentioned in this post is based on online media sources.


Newly replacement Omar Sachedina is gathering the news headline for achieving an honoured post on Canada’s most-viewed nightly news. However, LaFlamme’s sudden removal from the post is also a matter of question. You can watch what Lisa Laflamme said on her termination here.

Do you have any information on Omar Sachedina Wife? Feel free to write in the comment section if you know who she is.

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