One Direction Hurdle {April} Features & Playing Steps!

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The article discusses the basic features and methods of the One Direction Hurdle. Read the article, and you can understand the game.

Do you know a new Wordle variant game? The game has many names. Some people identify it as a one direction game, and some call it the Harry Style game. The game has a musical phenomenon. There are six attempts to guess the music. 

The game has received a massive response from gamers in Australia and Canada. But gamers want to know more about the game. So, let’s dig out the information on – One Direction Hurdle

How is it connected with One Direction Game? 

The game has a similar format and the players of the game only follow similar types of rules. Secondly, the gamers can also listen to the song from the former “One Direction” band member. It is the reason many people connect it with one direction.

In this game, the players need to listen to a song for a few seconds. The players will get an initial second to guess the song. If you don’t think about the music, you can play more for a few seconds. It is the format that the game follows.

One Direction Heardle-the Features 

In Wordle, the gamers need to guess the letter of the word. But Heardle is a musical game. The game has typical rules and regulations that should be maintained by the gamers. In this game, the players need to listen to music. The player will get mostly six attempts to guess the song.

But if the players guess the wrong song, they will get an extra second to think of the right music. The players need to choose the song from the beginning. However, the player can select the song in another section also.

One Direction Hurdle– The Playing Methods

Let’s discuss the playing process of the game. It has a very typical process and rules. 

  1. The players have to be ready to guess a song. 
  2. Now the players need to give the song title. After this, the game surface will provide the players with a list of songs. 
  3. The players can choose the song from the list. 
  4. As per the rules, until the players guess the selected song, the next song will not appear. 
  5. The game is reset each day. 

The Harry Styles Heardle Game is very famous in the United States and the United Kingdom

Why is the News Trending? 

The game is trending on social media platforms. Especially on the Twitter platform, the game is getting a massive response. But it is also true that many people still don’t know clearly about the game.


As per the report, the game is inspired by the word puzzle game Wordle. But it has different features. However, as per the update, many gamers can not be able to log in to the official website of the game. 

Game authority is trying to resolve the matter, but the gamers are still facing problems logging into the One Direction Hurdle game. You can also check the link to know more about the game’s features. Have You Played the Game? Please comment.

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