Jeff Lipsky photographs “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez for the cover of Women’s Health

Jeff Lipsky_Gina Rodriguez cover

Photo by Jeff Lipsky for Women’s Health, May 2016 issue.


Photo by Jeff Lipsky for Women’s Health.

Jeff Lipsky_Gina Rodriguez 2

Photo by Jeff Lipsky for Women’s Health.

Jeff Lipsky_Gina Rodriguez 3

Photo by Jeff Lipsky for Women’s Health.

Jeff Lipsky_Gina Rodriguez

Photo by Jeff Lipsky for Women’s Health.

Montefiore Health System commissions Doug Menuez to shoot its “Doing More” branding campaign

Doug Menuez’s emotionally authentic photography is at the heart of Montefiore Health System’s new branding campaign, “Doing More,” which underscores Montefiore’s status as a premier healthcare provider with world-renowned physicians and scientists, while also connecting on a personal level with the very people it serves. (The campaign was created by The Bloc.)

For the assignment, Doug shot lots and lots of studio portraits—as many as 100 in a single day—in four shoots over a four-month period. “We realized we were going to be inundated by a massive influx of subjects, their kids, and other family members, so our production team—led by producer Stephanie Cohen—quickly rearranged the studio and workspace to move the subjects through wardrobe, styling, releases, and whatnot with blazing speed,” explains Doug. “My crew and I had done an extensive prelight the day before, but for some reason it wasn’t working for me anymore. So we set to work creating a new lighting plan after talking again with creative director Marc Law, incorporating natural window light with our HMIs.”

The project then expanded, with three more shoots that were led by ace producer Lynda Goldstein of Pix Producers. Doug shot documentary-style imagery, such as a patient being wheeled from an air ambulance, right there in the studio. “It was an interesting challenge to bring my documentary skills and capture real moments within the creative and conceptual white-box gallery theme,” he says. “The idea was that everyone and everything was presented in an art-gallery setting. The babies were like an exhibit.”

Ultimately, he produced a vast, versatile collection of photographs that could easily be translated to MHS’ website, print ads, billboards, and marketing collateral. “They needed authenticity—real expressions and moments—which is hard enough to get in real life,” he notes, “never mind on a set with 30 people, stylists, lights, assistants, and clients. But I did my best to make it feel like each subject feel like it was just me and them. I always try to connect with my subjects to let them know I care about making this work for them.”

Below are four of the ads created from the shoot, one of which features a grid of his portraits. Get a closer look at the portraits here.


Photo by Doug Menuez for Montefiore Health System.

Photo by Doug Menuez for Montefiore Health System.

Photo by Doug Menuez for Montefiore Health System.

Photo by Doug Menuez for Montefiore Health System.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.09.01 AM

Click to view a gallery of Doug’s Montefiore portraits.

Brinson+Banks on documenting the sights, sounds, and styles of Coachella for Instagram

Instagram invited Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks of Brinson+Banks to cover Coachella, a massive desert-set music festival with a hippie, trippy vibe not unlike what you’d find at Burning Man, by using their iPhones to shoot video. Finding themselves with a rare free weekend between celebrity shoots, the couple happily scooped up the VIP passes and headed to the fest’s Indio, California, location. Here’s what it was like, in their words…


Brinson+Banks_Coachella selfie

A Brinson+Banks Coachella selfie.



“We actually wandered the same grounds last year looking for great hair working for Garnier, so it was fun to head back a second year, and this time without all of our heavy camera gear.

We don’t normally shoot video on our iPhones so this was a fun experiment of finding great content (that wasn’t on stage) and shooting and editing it all on our iPhones (often sitting in the grass in some rare shade between stages). We both took a liking to it really quickly because the motion gave a better feel for the crowds pulsing together to music in a way a photo wouldn’t. At a festival of 100,000 festival-goers, it can be hard to shoot a photo or video that doesn’t feel sloppy or isn’t full of distracting elements, so sometimes we’d get low or pull a person out of a crowd to make them stand out more.





On opening day last Friday, we got to sneak in before the masses to an #EmptyCoachella and explore all the giant inspiring sculptures made for the festival on display on the grounds. We were also very happily surprised to discover lots of vegan food vendors, and we ate like kings and queens. (We even found vegan mac ‘n’ cheese and fried ‘chicken,’ which made our Southern hearts so happy.)


Brinson+Banks_Coachella vegan eats

Vegan eats.


Instagram set up a meeting with us and singer So Gallant before his performance to get some portraits and video. We met him in a rose garden in a VIP area and had to think fast about how to not have bright white kiosks and tents in our imagery. He was really nice and fun to work with, even though we stuck him in some rose bushes, and then he rushed off to perform with surprise guest Seal.



Brinson+Banks_Coachella_David Walter Banks

A portrait of David by Kendrick.


We really enjoyed boomeranging from stage to stage and crowd to crowd looking for fun things to document, and we even shot some video from the 130-foot iconic Ferris wheel called Le Grande Wheel (despite Kendrick’s fear of heights). We each walked more than 20 miles in three days, and one of our videos got more than 321,000 views!


Brinson+Banks_Coachella_Ferris wheel selfie



In addition to running around like mad, we laughed at Sufjan Steven’s elaborate balloon costume, David fan-girled at Guns N’ Roses (who he was forbidden to listen to as a teenage boy but did anyway), we danced to Snoop Dogg when he guest rapped with Ice Cube, we ate three coconut ice cream cookie sandwiches total, and we both oohed and ahhed at Sia‘s stellar elaborate production full of dancers and actors (including Kristen Wiig!).


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

David watching Gun N’ Roses, a boyhood dream come true.


We finished out the last night, on Sunday, by posting one last video and then heading to the EDM tent (which had hypnotizing lights hitting a disco ball) and danced awkwardly to the electronic music (it’s nearly impossible to dance any other way than awkwardly to those repetitive beats) with our Instagram friends until the music was shut off and the lights were turned on. And then we jumped back into the giant crowd leaving the grounds and slowly pushed our way through it back to our cars.



Bloomberg Businessweek commissions Tobias Hutzler to photograph Helen Marriage, director of Artichoke Trust, Britain’s groundbreaking public-art organization

Tobias Hutzler_Helen Marriage

Helen Marriage, director of Artichoke Trust. Photo by Tobias Hutzler for Bloomberg Businessweek.


For a feature in its new Design Issue, Bloomberg Businessweek asked Helen Marriage to write about her work as the director of Artichoke Trust, a wildly inventive public-art nonprofit in the U.K. The charity’s mission is to “work with artists to create extraordinary, large-scale events that appeal to the widest possible audience,” according to its website. And under Marriage’s guidance, Artichoke has done just that. One project, a 42-ton mechanical pachyderm with a 20-foot-tall girl called The Sultan Elephant, drew a crowd of almost a million as it made its way through London in 2006.

Needing a photographer whose own artistic sensibilities would complement those of Marriage, the magazine asked Tobias Hutzler to photograph the story’s accompany portrait. As for how he did it, Tobias prefers to remain mysterious. “The concept of the shoot was to illuminate her using only creative light sources,” he says.

Read the article here: “Helen Marriage’s Public Art Gets Millions to Lighten Up”



The Hollywood Reporter commissions Miller Mobley to photograph the “15 Key Players Who Built the Juggernaut” that was American Idol

Photo by Miller Mobley for The Hollywood Reporter.


Read the story: American Idol Class Photo: 15 Key Players Who Built the Juggernaut

Jason Hindley shoots campaign promoting the launch of Nescafe Azera Barista-Style Instant Coffee

Jason Hindley_Nescafe 1

Photo by Jason Hindley for Nescafe.

Jason Hindley_Nescafe 2

Photo by Jason Hindley for Nescafe.

Jason Hindley_Nescafe 3

Photo by Jason Hindley for Nescafe.

Jason Hindley_Nescafe 4

Photo by Jason Hindley for Nescafe.

Jason Hindley_Nescafe 5

Photo by Jason Hindley for Nescafe.


Jason (in hat) on set.



agency: Publicis
creative director: Sue Higgs
art director: Claudio Pasqualetti
copywriter: Stephen Beverly
art buyer: Claire Lillis
producer: Ben Etheridge
tylist: Keiko Hindley
set build: Millar Models

Matthew Rolston makes his fine-art debut in Europe with “Talking Heads,” opening Friday, April 22, at Berlin’s esteemed Camera Work Contemporary Gallery

Having garnered considerable critical praise in the United States, Matthew Rolston’s fine-art series “Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits” is set to debut this week at the Camera Work Contemporary Gallery in Berlin’s Mitte gallery district. The show, which opens Friday, marks Rolston’s first-ever European exhibition and adds him to the pantheon of fellow Camera Work artists Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, Nick Brandt, and Robert Polidori, among other important image makers.



The invitation for “Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits,” opening April 22 at Camera Work Contemporary Gallery in Berlin.


“Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits” comprises 30 monumental color portraits of dummies that Rolston chose from a collection of nearly 700 ventriloquist dolls housed at the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. Rolston set up a portrait studio at the museum and photographed each of his subjects in an identical manner: square format, low angle, monochromatic backdrop, and a single light source.

“The resulting photographs are grounded in a visual vocabulary articulated by Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, and Andy Warhol,” notes the gallery. “They also invoke the classic tropes of Pygmalion: Energize the inanimate, and in so doing, infuse them with an idiosyncratic and expressive humanity. The photographer argues on behalf of our collective humanity, and he offers the gaze of these portraits as an avenue of connection.”



The exterior of Camera Work Contemporary Gallery in Berlin’s Mitte gallery district.


Founded in 1997 with the mission of exhibiting work by the masters of photography, Camera Work gallery has become one of the most influential and prestigious galleries in the world and a key player at fairs such as Paris Photo, Photo Shanghai, and Photo London. Four years ago, Camera Work expanded its reach with Camera Work Contemporary Gallery, which showcases contemporary photography, painting, and sculpture. The elegantly designed building offers an exceptional viewing experience that begins with a touch of wit: Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a hyper-realistic sculpture of a security guard.


An image of a signature ‘Hyper-Realist' sculptural work, just inside the CWC gallery’s main entrance - it’s kind of a joke on a permanent security guard for the gallery (you’ll see!). The piece is by the artist Marc Sijan and is entitled "Security Guard. Standing" (2009).

“Security Guard. Standing,” by Marc Sijan, 2009, stands just inside the CWC gallery’s main entrance.


The timing of “Talking Heads,” which will be on view at Camera Work Contemporary Gallery through June 18, is ideal, as Gallery Weekend Berlin, the city-wide art-fair weekend, takes place during the show’s second weekend. The event will showcase Berlin’s vibrant art scene, with 54 galleries launching exhibitions featuring a wide variety of work by established and emerging artists. Camera Work Contemporary Gallery usually experiences many more collectors and visitors on these days and is one of the hot spots, due in part to its location in the Berlin gallery district.

“The weekend has become one of the city’s most anticipated art events, attracting collectors, curators, and art lovers from all over the world,” notes Camera Work gallery director Ute Hartjen.


06 Talking Heads Installation-20

“Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits,” installation view.


To learn more about “Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits,” please visit And to learn more about Matthew Rolston, please visit


Please join Steven Lippman this Saturday at the first annual A Walk on Water Surf Therapy Event at First Point in Malibu

Photographer and A Walk on Water president Steven Lippman will be donating his time this Saturday at AWOW’s first annual Water Surf Therapy Event at First Point on Malibu Surfriders Beach. The event, presented in association with New Roads School, kicks off at 9 AM and continues till 3:30 PM, providing hours of guided surf instruction for special-needs children.

Afterward, pro surfer Reef McIntosh will host a fundraiser for AWOW at Casa Escobar Malibu from 5 to 8 PM. The restaurant will donate 20% of all food sales to the nonprofit organization and 50% of the sale of signature cocktails and beer. Plus, with a donation to AWOW, you can enjoy the free taco bar from 4:30 to 6 PM. Sponsors include Karma Tequila and Cismontane Brewing Company.

To learn more about A Walk on Water, and to support their efforts, please visit



A Walk on Water president Steven Lippman providing guided surf instruction at an A Walk on Water event.

Casa Escobar_AWOW_fundraiser_Apr 23 Map_AWOW_Malibu ST_Arp23

Join Art Streiber on May 3 in Los Angeles for the Canon Live Learning Event “Shaping Your Career: Perspectives From Three Decades of Professional Photography”

On May 3, Art Streiber will be joining fellow photographers Matt Sayles and Mark Leibowitz at the Canon Hollywood Professional Technology & Support Center for a panel discussion titled ““Shaping Your Career: Perspectives From Three Decades of Professional Photography.”

It’s sure to be an illuminating event, as each of three photographers is at a different stage in his career. Doors open at 6:30, and the program begins at 7:15. Details here.


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.30.10 AM

On Instagram, Art shared a behind-the-scenes photo from his key-art shoot for the holiday movie The Night Before, along with this caption: “September of last year: Find a studio near where the movie is shooting in New York. Build four sets with eight different lighting scenarios. Hire six extras to dress up as Santa. Wait patiently until the actors can get to the studio in between scenes. Shoot 3,157 frames of 19 concepts over four and a half hours. Ignore puddle on seamless. Have fun. Go!” See the poster here.


Miller Mobley photographs key art for the new National Geographic Channel series “The Story of God,” hosted by Morgan Freeman

Miller Mobley_Morgan Freeman_The Story of God

Photo by Miller Mobley for the National Geographic Channel.


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