Review Best Paraphrasing Tool in 2022 Review Best Paraphrasing Tool in 2022

Paraphrasing is a technique that requires attentive reading and writing skills. Whether you’re a student, blogger, marketer, or creative writer (like myself), you may need the right tools. In this modern era, Artificial Intelligence technology dramatically influences almost every line of work. 

That’s where the paraphrasing tools come in and what better option than is one of the best online tools that you can find for writing unique content. It gives you various options and features to rephrase the content in different writing styles.

But that’s not all; there are several reasons why wins our confidence as the best paraphrasing tool in 2022. 

Why is the Best Paraphrasing Tool of 2022? is an AI-based online paraphrasing tool that works efficiently under NLP technology. The online availability of this tool made it easier for me to access it from any platform. All you need is a web browser, and you’re good to go. 

Below we have enlisted the range of features that can be considered as evidence of why is the preferable choice for 2022.

  • Four Paraphrasing Modes

With the, you get a choice of four different paraphrasing modes. Each mode is programmed to deliver exceptional results. The output and name of each mode are mentioned below.

Four Paraphrasing Modes

  • Fluency

The Fluency mode is for those who want to improve the readability flow of their written content. I used this mode to enhance the readability of some content with a range of passive voice words and difficult-to-understand vocabulary. 

This mode helped to make the flow more fluent, and the content became more readable after paraphrasing it with Fluency mode.

  • Standard

The Standard mode works like a simple word changer. The most basic form of paraphrasing is replacing specific terms or words with their appropriate synonyms, which is precisely what standard paraphrasing mode can do. 

I prefer this mode if there is too much repetition of words or specific terms in your writing. This mode will surely help you to get rid of redundancy.

  • Creative

The Creative mode goes on grade above with the paraphrasing technique by giving your writing a better alternative of words and synonyms. The Creative mode gives more quality results than the Standard and Fluency modes as it finds the best alternative synonyms for the words that are suitable for the context.

Moreover, it rewords the content in an informal way that is easy to understand and read. In this way, the overall readability of the content enhances without deviating from the apparent meaning of the context.

  • Smarter

The Smarter mode changes the words and phrases in the sentences to enhance the readability of the content. At the same time, it also caters to plagiarized content by rewarding the in a better way. I also prefer to use the Smarter mode to eliminate excessive plagiarism from my content. 

Moreover, it provides exceptional results whenever used. However, if you’re not satisfied with the results, run as many sessions as you want to create quality content because there is not rewriting limit.

  • Supports Multiple Languages

Unlike many other paraphrasing tools, allows you to paraphrase in 22 different languages. This feature becomes usable with the help of Natural Language Processing technology to make a globally accessible online tool. However, multiple language support doesn’t mean the tool will work like a translator instead of a rephraser.

Supports Multiple Languages

  • Convenient to Use

A user prefers an online tool that supports all the necessary options to complete tasks more efficiently. That’s where ensures to save time with the file uploading and downloading options.

Even when it allowed me to paste or type content in the input box, I uploaded the text document with one click to place the complete text at once. This way, I wouldn’t doubt missing any letters or words like in the copy-paste method.

The same convenience comes with the downloading file option. It only takes one click to download the rephrased text in an editable text document, which is quite convenient compared to the copy-paste method.

Pricing Details is convenient for everyone as it supports free and paid users. So before you go on to purchasing the premium package. Try out the free version to learn about its working and usability.

What do You Get for Free?

  • Free and unlimited paraphrasing for up to 600 words per session.
  • Access to Standard and Fluency paraphrasing modes.
  • Multiple language support

What do You Get in Premium?

  • Creative & smarter Mode Support
  • Limit Increase (1500 words)
  • Check Plagiarism up to 5000 words
  • No Ads – 24/7 Support

Monthly Premium: $20 a month (charged monthly)

Yearly Premium: $12.5 a month (charged annually)

The Good and the Bad may give you a range of options to make unique content. But there are always some pros and cons of using online tools, which I have discovered after personal use.


  • Allows free access without login or sign-up
  • Gives word count support of 600 words for free
  • It has four different paraphrasing modes
  • Supports 22 different languages
  • Easy to use with file uploading and download options


  • Supports only 1500 words, even with the premium package
  • No customizable billing plans


Paraphrasing technique requires proficiency in English along with good reading skills. It allows writers to understand and apply information in their own words. But lack of this skill can lead to repetition of information or plagiarism.

Therefore, I prefer to take assistance from, which gives a range of rephrasing options and features to write quality content. 

The accessibility and usability of make it a preferable option over many other paraphrasing tools. It’s suitable for marketers, students, and bloggers to enhance their writing abilities and reliable assistance. We hope our review helps you understand that is a better option than many other paraphrasing tools in 2022. 



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