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Quadwordle Game has shared details of a new word game that has gained immense popularity within a few weeks of its release among word puzzle lovers.

Wordle has initiated the race for a word puzzle game, and many developers tried their fortune with the new offering. One word game that has held its ground and caught the imagination of word puzzle lovers in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom is Quardle.

Wordle has made the word game popular on the digital platform, but Quardle challenged the skills of players with higher difficulty levels. 

This article will discuss the digital version of the word puzzle game Wordle and Quardle, so keep reading Quadwordle Game till the end.

Word Puzzle Game Wordle and Quardle:

Wordle game developed by Josh Wardle last year was purchased by the New York Times in January 2022. NYT bought the game after it got popular and added it to its puzzle game collection on its portal.

The purchase of the game by NYT attracted the attention of both word game players and developers, resulting in many new word games. 

Quardle is similar to other clone games of Wordle, but its higher difficulty level attracted players in Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Difference between Wordle and Quadwordle Game:

Both the game’s basic structure is similar and requires skills to solve the word puzzle. Players are also provided hints to guess the correct word of the day in both games.

The major difference between both the games is listed below.

  • Players need to find one word in Wordle daily, while Quardle needs four words daily.
  • Wordle gives six attempts for one word, while Quardle gives nine attempts for four words.

Therefore we can see that there is not much difference between the two games except the higher difficulty level of the Quadwordle Game

How has Quardle performed in the Word Game Segment?

There is no doubt that its popularity has increased more than Wordle. In a few weeks, the unique daily visitor has risen from 20,000 to 100000 on its platform, making it the most popular game at present.

Players love the challenge thrown by Quardle as it tests their skills and intelligence simultaneously.

How to play the Quardle Game?

Players interested in the Quardle game should visit the Quordle website as developers have not shifted the game to the new site. 

Quardle website is a future destination for the game and is in the developmental stage.

To play the Quadwordle Game, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Enter the five-letter word on your screen.
  • The color of the tile will show your closeness to the word.
  • The green tile is for exact letters and placement.
  • Yellow is for the exact letter but different placement.
  • Grey is for the wrong letter.

There are nine attempts given to the players to complete their daily Quardle of four words.

Final verdict:

Freddie Meyer’s game has done wonders in the first month of its release and is an excellent gift to word puzzle lovers. 

It has been on the rise since its launch, and players have not shown signs of fatigue till now.

Quadwordle Game players can share their views on this puzzle game in the comments below.

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