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Quardle Game Website Link has details of a new word game that is getting popular among word game lovers.

The buyout of the word game Wordle by the New York Times has attracted the interest of many new word puzzle developers. NYT has added Wordle to its group of puzzle games, and people from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom have shown great interest in it.

Since it has attracted people’s attention, innovative minds have joined the race for developing word games with higher difficulty levels. 

Many new word games have entered the market, but Quordle is undoubtedly winning the race; read the Quardle Game Website Link to get details of it.

About Quardle Word Game:

This word puzzle game was developed recently after NYT’s successful buyout of the Wordle game in January 2022. The popularity of the word game has suddenly risen in countries like Australia, Ireland and India.

New games like Octordle, Sedecordle and Nerdle has entered the puzzle game market in no time. Quardle is also one of the spin-offs from the Wordle game, which has attracted 17,000 unique daily visitors in a week time. 

This game appears to be an updated version of Wordle as the basic concept is similar for both games. 

Where To Play Quardle Game?

Players might get confused while searching for the Quardle game as it is available on two portals at present. 

As we have said earlier, it is a new game and has become popular recently. Developers are shifting the game to an entirely new portal named Quardle.com, but it is not in operation at present.

One can only see the message that this is the future site for Quardle.com, and there is no other site with this name. 

The main reason for players’ confusion is the game’s name, which is Qordle at present, and developers are promoting Quardle Website as their new destination and game.

Difference between Wordle and Quardle:

The basics for both Wordle and Quardle are identical, as players are required to guess the word in a given number of attempts. The major difference between the two games is listed below for gamers.

  • In Wordle, players have to choose one word in six given attempts.
  • In Quardle, gamers are given nine attempts to choose four words daily.

The Quardle developers have kept the basics of the game the same but increased the difficulty level, and these features of the new game are attracting people’s attention.

Know Ways to Play on Quardle Game Website Link

In the Quardle game, players are required to guess four words in nine attempts, and each attempt will take you closer to the given word. Some basics of the game are listed below.

  • Each day players will have to guess the four-word in nine attempts.
  • The tile turning green will indicate the right letter at the correct position.
  • Yellow will indicate the correct letter in the wrong position.
  • Grey will indicate the wrong letter. 

Final verdict:

As per our case study, Quardle is doing wonders both for its developers and word game enthusiasts as the market for word games is expanding. 

Players can share their views in the Quardle Game Website Link comment section below.

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